Address of the incoming President

Held at Great Hall of UNIVERSITY CAROLA FRANZISCA, May 20th 2000

My ladies, dear friends,

In 1968 - I remember the day very well - I was confered in this hall my doctor of laws degree.
Now I am standing here as your new President....
With pleasure and gratitude I am ready to take up the high task of International Presidency.
It is a great honour for me to fill the highest office in our organization for the next year
and I really need your honest help and support for this function. 
I intend do follow in the footsteps of my predecessors and promise to do my best in this job.
I am sure that we will spend good times together in the spirit of friendship wherever we will meet. 

Gentlemen, I have beeen member of Round Table and of Club 41 since 1975 and yesterday
we celebrated the 25th anniversary of 41 International. A casual event, isnīt it?
41 has a high significance in my life, I am glad to be member of such a great organization.
The level of friendship in our club has enriched my life, I am proud to be a 41-er.

Standing at the beginning of my office I have to thank you, dear Luc, for leading us in 1999/00.
You have been an active, engaged president and contributed in adding a link to the big chain
of international friendship.
I am glad that Israel was incorporated today as the 19th member of 41 International here in Graz.
A heartly welcome, dear Ariel and Yoram.

Finally I may say, that the members of 41-Club Graz are very happy that so many visitors
have accepted our invitation. This is a great success for 41 Graz and 41 Austria.
We are delighted that you are all here with us. It is a great satisfaction for me that among you
there are so many old friends I have known for years.
I also have to thank the members of my Club 41 Graz, who had to work hard in the last weeks to
organize this meeting. But now our efforts are crowned by success. 

And think again of my motto: 

TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG when we stick together in our CLUBS,
when we support 41-INTERNATIONAL
Together we are strong, when we improve the contacts between 41 and ROUND TABLE,
because ROUND TABLE is the past and the future of our organization!

Thank you very much, my dear friends.

Herbert Potzinger