Dear friends,

  After the last AGM of 41 International in my home town Graz, on May 20th 2000, I have visited all European AGMs, which took place in the meantime:

SWEDEN in Linköping, a great meeting, which was held together with Round Table; FRANCE in marvellous Paris, which was celebrated with Table Ronde Francaise on the occasion of its 50th anniversary and 2.600 participants on Gala Evening in the Carrousel du Louvre;

GERMANY in picturesque Celle, with the visit of the EXPO in Hannover; last week ROMANIA in Brasov together with the 10th anniversary of Round Table Romania and my participation in the adventuresome Pre-Conference-Tour; and of course today here in lovely CYPRUS.


At all places I have been I met heartily friendship and hospitality.

I thank again the hosting associations for their invitations.

I had the occasion to meet old friends and got to know a lot of new ones.

Dear friends, it is a great privilege to be the President of such a strong organization.


My next visits in this calender year will be SOUTH AFRICA next week and SWITZERLAND, end of October, where the RegioTriRhena- Meeting will take place. Unfortunately I have to miss the AGM in

INDIA, Calcutta. Vice-President Beat Berger will be there instead of me.

Next year in spring I will try to take part in all AGMs till Capetown, but it will not be possible to me to visit all member associations, because I have only 11 month available in my President´s year. I am sorry about that fact.


Besides my visits I had to deal with a lot of demands concerning to important matters of our organization, as there are:



I am happy to present you the new YAP-Zone Coordinator in Europe

JACQUES MENIVAL, France. I have decided the change of this position in consultation with the Int. Officers and by agreement with the previous Zone Coordinator OTTO ADELHOFER.

I am sure that Jacques is the right man for this position and wish all the best for this significant task which will help to fasten the links of friendship.

I also have to thank Otto, who is not present today, for his pioneer-work for the YAP-programme, which he has built up together with Indu CHANDHOK, 10 years ago and has done his job well.




We have to thank RENATO BONFINI and his team for the perfect installation of the CLUB 41 GENERAL FREE SITE.


You will find there the Club 41 Int.2000/01 Official Page with reports, statements, photos and the mailing list with the e-mail-adresses of nearly 100 41-ers at the moment; besides a lot of informations, concerning the club-events of international and local relevance, etc.
Our Italian friends have indeeed done a lot of unpaid work!

I am sure that this medium will be an important instrument for the benefit of Communication in 41 International. The only disadvantage    is, that not all 41-ers, even at the level of the national boards, are in possession of a PC with internet.



(Succession of  Freddy - point 10. of the agenda).



I have received some statements in response to the presentation of the elaboration of the group-work in Graz.

The point of view of the Board of 41-International is, that they can discuss all matters arising concerning our organization.

But even opinions should conform to the rules of 41 International. Therefore I have written my comment to the chairman of the MIWT as follows:


* Club 41 is an organization for Ex-Tablers.

We do not agree with the wording „Club 41 is a club of former Round Table members and their friends.“

Club 41 is no Serviceclub and we have no intention for change.


Discussions concerning this matter should be held at the IRO´s meeting in the afternoon.

Coming to the end of my report I am looking forward to meeting all of you at the AGM of 41 International in Capetown, end of April 2001.


And always think on my motto: TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG

                                                  Herbert Potzinger