STATEMENT of the President of 41-International__________________


Dear friends 41-ers,


Let me tell you some ideas about our organization.


First of all I think that Club 41 does not need to compete with world-wide associations like Rotary or Lions. This is not necessary for us, we have declared fellowship as our most important aim. We do not need quantity in any case. We should mainly try to improve our relations to Round Table.

According to our name 41 is An Organization for Ex-Tablers´. RT is our past and our future or - as

Alan Reynolds used to say - we are nothing without Round Table. On the other side it is a privilege for

Round Tablers to have their own following-up organization, which they have the chance to join after reaching the age-limit. A Tabler who is received in 41, arrives at his safe refuge in Clublife, he is linked to the hinges of friendship till the end of his life.

For these reasons it is logical to cultivate the contacts and relations amongst Round Table and 41.


Some measures we can contribute for reaching these aims:


 - Each 41-club should nominate a „Relations-Officer“ who has to organize the contacts to the local

   Round Table(s). May be this is a good job for the Vice-President.

 - Arrangement of combined meetings; special invitations of outgoing tablers to meetings.

 - Support of the local Round Table(s) in their efforts regarding Community Service.

- Cultivation of an interesting club-life in 41 e.g. good reports, club tours, home parties.

- Twinning with clubs from abroad (Jumelage).

- The meetings should rather take place twice a mounth;

   the members should be informed via circulars.

- Making it easier for Ex-Tablers to join a 41-Club.

  If 41 is the logical follow-up organization of RT, the Tablers should be entitled to reception, I think.

- It would be the best solution if every Round Table Club had its own 41-successor club.

 - Promotion of the charter of new 41 clubs, even if a club exists and the membership

   has reached a certain number, may be 30 to 35 41-ers.

 - Trying to recruit new members to Round Table. We have to look for suitable young men, may be

   our sons or those of our friends, to recommend them to a local Round Table.


Dear friends, if we realize all these requirements we will be allowed to change one word in our name - 41 will be The Organization for Ex-Tablers´.

In the long run I mean that 41 will be the bigger organization than Round Table.


And finally please always remember: only TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG.


Yours in 41

Herbert Potzinger