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Vice President

Herbert Potzinger - Petrifelderstrase 42 - A 8042 Graz - Austria
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Imm. Past President

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Honorary Secretary

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Dear Friends 41

Welcome in our Internet site. Only two short words for people visiting us without being a forty-one... and even for all the 41 who " sail " in the net.
   The friends 41 have solved one of the greatest problems of the spiritual man's life : every group and every man, during his life, achieves putting to himself some existenzialist questions. Under all the latitudes they are always the same:

Who are ourselves ?
Which are we coming from ?
Where are we going?

The friends 41 have solved yhese problems and these are the answer:

Who are ourselves?                        Ex Tablers
Which are we coming from ?        From the Round Table
Where are we going?                     Everywhere,in the world 41,to find the friends 41 and to search the greatest good :
                                                      The Friendship

The site you are visiting is a demonstration of which I said. You will find the possibility of collecting with some National 41 Clubs, with many local 41 Clubs, with a lot of friends in all the world as they have in common the origins of ex Tablers, the manner of living in the Round Table and the great pleasure of continuing the friendship born in Round Table,attending the 41 world.

For the friends who remember together, they will find in another site a short story of the Club 41 International:
I can only anticipate  that few friends in Germany are collecting some data to write a story of the 41 National Clubs  and there is even a very beautiful story of National Round Table Association edited by the German Tablers.

A last exhortation: look up, friends, look up....The net is great and the friends are lot.

Yours in Club

Glauco Zago


Short story of club 41

The story could begin in the classic manner "Once upon a time there the far-off years of 1920.... among the fogs of the English Islands ... What could procreate without problems in the pale Albion? In that time there was born a thousand Club of the AngloSaxon associative tradition: The Round Table. This organization of young manprospered in the Country and slowly extended all over the world . The Round Table, among its peculiarities, has a particular one: it expels its member when they have reached the fatidical age of forty years. The friendship and the spirit of Round Tabler remain alive in all the Tablers but at the age of forty you are not any more an ordinary member.

The English have discovered very soon this sadness of the forsaking: the feeling of lack you experienced when you said bye to the Round Table is painful and at once rises the yearning for the most beautiful years spent with friends, joined to the privilege of " serving" the Community, of learning a lot from the others and maturing ourselves for the life.

This feeling of vacuum has been experienced in a particular manner during the hard vicissitudes of the second world war. The Britain Knights of Arthur pressed against their King to fight, but they did not forget the Round Table. The ex Tablers not more young decided to meet again so the hinges of friendship never rust. So in 1941was born the first English 41 Club. We have not certain data about the proliferation of this Association in the European Countries.
You know very well that in Europe  the spirit of Association does not join the English summits but the famous illnes wich all the Tablers suffer from:the " Tableritis" has mown down its guiltless victimes. There are certain notes about a life of a 41 movement already in the first sixty years , in some European countries.

The years '70 are coming , and on june 14th, 1975 in Le Touquet, in France owing to the action of English, German,Belgian and French forty-ones was born the International Club 41 as an International organization of the National Club 41. During the short time of about twenty years with some inevitable incomprehension and great wish of stayn together. The International Club 41 counts today nineteen Countries Member with full right and some others waiting for becoming.

Today the 41 movement counts among its lines more than forty thousand members. There are forty thousand real and potential friends who have big merit as they form an International corpus of people matured with the same principles of friendship and tolerance absorbed in the yuvenile years in Round Table, lived during the long years of International meetings and maintened always alive through the friendship, always renewed at every occasion of contact or meeting. The passaport for the International friendship furnished from the Round Table shows always its efficient action, without the need of stamps or bureaucratic renewals.

Yours in Club 41
Glauco Zago
President Club 41 International  96 - 97

N.B.  For more details, consult the collection of iusses edited by Peter Poech : " Courier"

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