23/01/2013 Glauco Zago Int Past President Trieste zago.glauco@gmail.com
Object: Freddy Kachelhoffer
I am very grieved to hear that Freddy is no more with us. We have lost a sincere Friend and a Gentleman. His memory is dear to me and to Rossana. Glauco & Rossana
25/12/2012 N S Krishna Kumar (KK) Club 41 International President Chennai kk@woodrichindia.com
Object: Wishes
Dear Friends Vini & I wish all of you and your families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Undoubtedly this has been my happiest year from the time I joined Tabling. We are born with relatives but friends are whom we make in life. May God give all of us time & health to keep in touch with each other! Let us keep our minds open in 2013 and in all the years to come to be ready to help each other to serve the under-privileged in the society & uphold the good will of Tabling. And to our friends still in Tabling we look forward to receive you in 41 Clubs! Wishing you all a wonderful X-Mas with your families & friends and a great New Year’s Eve – do think of us when partying! Best wishes from sunny Chennai! KK President – 41 International
10/08/2012 N S Krishna Kumar President - 41 Clubs International Chennai kk@woodrichindia.com
Object: Letter of the Int President to French 41 President
August 10 2012 To Serge Popof National President France. Dear Serge Your letter of 4 August, 2012 has been received and your gesture is very much appreciated. This could go a long way in France’s re-building its relationship back with 41 International in future. You state in your letter - clarify our position concerning the Logo Club 41 International . We wanted to preserve it, and not steal it…’ Dear Serge the International had 2 French Board members for the past few years – Jeanlouis Boileau and Denis Beck If only during the last year,ì these two members had discussed this matter & shared Frances preserving ideas with the International Board and the rest of the world the preservation could have been done together for 41 International and thus avoided all this embarrasment and ill-feelings And the phrase not steal is your own expression. But I still prevail that now your gesture is appreciated. You (France) will have to withdraw the European Trademark Application EM 010500551 before the OAMI-Office in Alicant Spain. Upon receiving a copy of your filing of this withdrawal application we will be very pleased to present it in front of the International councillors and treat this matter as amicably closed between 41 International and France. Again in your letter you have stated We would like to recall that it was not a French idea. We have followed the advices given by former International Presidents who thought that a split was the best solution. This is what we tried to explain in Chennai.’ Unfortunately within our Tabling fraternity your blaming International Past Presidents who have been part & parcel of our history culture and growth this is a very equivocative statement. Due to your emotions you have said many things in your letter sent on August 4. We never tried to convince any Association to join us but we think necessary to inform precisely all countries who face the same problem of equality about our undergrounds. We let them turn the question over in their members. All these feelings and your wish to speak on irrelevant topics to our friends may not be a very desirable & parliamentary action from your side. However the choice is upto you since all our clever friends across the world already know what is right. The confidence and bonding built over many years between Round Tablers will only get closer and stronger by anyone trying to infiltrate into this bonding of our friendship. It is needless to say and emphasise that the basis of forming 41 Clubs was to inherit Round Tablers. We as Round Tablers across the world are so broad minded and have learnt to accept those non tablers to be a part of our friendship and fellowship. And this was done with great respect to the feelings of the French from the year 2002. I am surprised that only in France they have not understood that these non tablers whom we have accepted magnanimously into our exclusive forum have failed to reciprocate and respect our rules while enjoying our fellowship and friendship, without having been tablers. We all know life is a matter of give and take. We gave them our love and respect as per your desire And there is nothing wrong is us expecting them to respect our rules and allowing us to govern our inhertied Round Tablers like an alumane. At the same time other countries in similar situations have understood and they have reciprocated positively & continue to do so. It is a pity that without being aware of the depth and the long term association for the future generation of your own tablers you have made this decision. However I leave you to think and act prudently for the future so that the International community will be able to receive you at our International parties without any reservation in our minds. Thanking you and requesting for your early and positive moves KK N S Krishna Kumar President – 41 International.
04/08/2012 Serge Popoff French 41 Club President Montelucon js.event@orange.fr
Object: Letter to 41 Int President
Serge POPOFF President National 2012 - 2013 Krishna KUMAR International President Montlucon 2012-08-03 Dear KK A few months after Chennai, we have the feeling that our intentions have not been clearly understood by some of you. Our only goal was to put an end to all the fights and discussions concerning the topic of Ex Tablers and Non Ex Tablers. We thought that two structures walking side by side both coming from Round Table and sharing the same values would have been a better solution than these unending quarrels inside the same Club. We would like to recall that it was not a French idea. We have followed the advices given by former International Presidents who thought that a split was the best solution. This is what we tried to explain in Chennai. In the same way I wish to clarify our position concerning the Logo Club 41 International . We wanted to preserve it and not steal it as we have heard it or read it. Everybody knows that many National Associations prefer to be named Old Tablers or Ex Tablers , instead of 41 Association. Actually very often either on documents or on banners of those countries one can read: Association of Ex Tablers and not 41 Club… That s why we were quite sure that as GB and Ireland proposed many years ago you would have accepted and adopted this proposal, namely International Association of Ex Tablers and let us use the name 41 Club International . But you did not accept, preferring to start a new argument about this Logo which unfortunately appears more important than the preservation of the Friendship and the unity in 41. As new National President of Club 41 France and by common consent with my National Board my National IRO Remy Senicourt and my Councillor Jean-Louis Boileau I do not want that this question of the Logo becomes the subject of a legal and regrettable quarrel which could be harmful to our present or future relations. I have then decided to cancel the registration by giving all instructions and let you dispose of this Logo as you wish. This decision is above all justified by my intention to preserve a peaceful relationship between all 41 Associations. But I do want once again assert that Club 41 France has been is and will be clearly and definitely involved in considering any member, duly elected at a National AGM and therefore delegate (either President or IRO) to any International Association as a full member even if he had not the opportunity to enter formerly Round Table. As far as a friend becomes a member of a National Association we consider that he has the same duties and consequently the same rights. We remain respectful of equality between all members. We never tried to convince any Association to join us, but we think necessary to inform precisely all countries, who face the same problem of equality, about our undergrounds. We let them turn the question over in their members. And it must be clearly understood by all that if we have left the actual international organisation we will not stop or give up the strong Friendship and all the links that the French 41 Club has around the world. We all of us are 41ers and we will attend as we have usually done in the past National AGM of our Friends abroad and will always be very happy to welcome all foreign Friends at our own AGM. Many French Clubs (more than 220 checked off on 310 Clubs) who have direct connections and relations with 41 Clubs around the World will go on maintaining these contacts. The same goes with the matching between Clubs or Regions. I know that they will continue enjoying and improving their meetings what ever happens on the level of the international organisations. This will be my main endeavour during my Presidency: to encourage and promote such meetings between Clubs. Let it be as it already is the true nature of our international life! I do not belong to our 41 Club to quarrel. I am here to meet Friends and share Friendship with open minded 41ers in France and all over the world. Il faut savourer la vie Enjoy Life Yours in Continued Friendship Serge
26/06/2012 Krishna Kumar Club 41 International President Chennai kk@woodrichindia.com
Object: Open Letter of Int President
From: Krishna Kumar Date: June 25, 2012 8:10:06 PM GMT+03:00 Subject: Re: Message from 41 International President KK Gentlemen  I have just been a superflous reader to all what is happening in the Facebook Club 41 site. I am a tabler and will always be one from my heart.  I am here in office for this year and later as a Past President only to hold this organisation as a purely ex tablers Association.   We have all respects and regards to the non tabler friends in some countries. We have accepted some years back that we will not interfere with what countries do in their back yards. However without effecting the interest of our 41 International Association. In spite of being well aware of this fact, the French have resigned from our 41 International Association.   Our Vice President Werner out of his own personal feelings seems to have got very emotional with the act of the French resignation. As a result of his personal feelings he has put in the messages out of his own concern for the French. At the International we are working out proper systems to invite all small countries to participate as members. We plan to have a workshop at our HYM at Tampere in August where democratic decisions will be made to accept all small countries in stages. There is no cold war either now or earlier. It was only enlightening each other with our rules and the procedure of democracy. Normally in true tabling spirit we agree to disagree and continue as friends. But unfortunately France has failed to follow this and resigned. But they will still be our friends as tablers.  Only with friendship in mind I visited the French National  AGM. But the gross mistake France has done amongst friends is that they are trying to register our common name and logo of 41 International personally as the French property. However I strongly believe the law of justice will prevail fair on us.  At the same time I am also requesting all of you not to react any further on this subject and we will accept the French resignation with grace and friendship.   Best regards - KK   N S Krishna Kumar President - 41 Clubs International Chennai India.
25/05/2012 Krishna Kumar Club 41 International President kk@woodrichindia.com
Object: Letter of the Int President
Dear Friends of 41 International I am very grateful to all of you and pleased to be your President for this year. My personal thanks to all our 41 friends who attended our AGM at Chennai and made it a success. For those 41 friends who could not come I plan to travel extensively and meet more of you in person & cherish these memories for a lifetime. My theme for the year is One World One Club By adopting this theme One World One Club I wish to promote the idea of bringing Round Tables and 41 Clubs closer in the coming years and make every retiring Tabler get the feeling that he is a TABLER FOR LIFE & he will continue the friendship made in Round Tabling. ROUND TABLE & 41 CLUB Please adapt this concept in your minds use it in all your Nations & get closer with your Round Tables to nurture a feeling between each other that all like-minded men are adapted to each other strongly in their hearts as TABLERS FOR LIFETIME and not only continue the friendship made in tabling but also continue the service to society and a helping hand to each other at all times. Further to help improve our Tabling society – each one of us should take it as a moral obligation & challenge to locate prospective Tablers in the society & introduce them into Round Tables. This would improve the growth of tabling and undoubtedly the growth of our Ex-Tablers organization. GROWTH OF 41 INTERNATIONAL To take a further broad step as 41 National Board members and active members I humbly request every country to please play the role of a Godfather by locating any of your neighbouring country or with whom you have had good ties from tabling days and bring them into the fold of 41 Clubs. Help us get new member countries into 41 International. Today, Round Table exists in more than 50 countries. 41 Clubs is yet to catch up since we have only 20 countries as our official full members. As per the current rules, we need to tap countries with 3 or more clubs so that they could have the capacity to function as a full member in our International organization. The International has been debating to make this easier for countries having less than 3 clubs to come into our fold. Please write your suggestions as to how we could think of achieving this. From the Round Table list of countries, we will also note countries where 41 clubs are yet to be started. Please tap your resources with such Round Tables in & around your country gather information & forward to the International as well as give your support as Godfather. YAP : The Young Ambassador Programme for member countries YAPs: Let our children get to know each other – they are our future Tablers. Reach out wherever possible; get countries that have so far not benefited from this lovely programme to participate in YAPs. For growth or participation please visit our websites for more information on YAPs (to make my letter short!) & encourage your children between the ages of 16 to 23 browse it themselves and make their travel plans. We should help them build a good image & knowledge of different parts of the world and sow in their minds the value the tabling & follow up on friendship in 41 Clubs & make our International society of Round Tabling to get a feeling of one large family. For those children who have travelled I request the parents to ask their children to post articles in our website with pictures for others to share their cherished experiences. FAMEX: Welcome home! Just mail any IRO across the world, tell them your interest to travel in their country. I am sure he will find a host for you thereon you are grown-ups! Make contacts enjoy the stay experience different cultures and bring our bonds of friendship closer. Many homes in India are open - welcome to the land of spicy food & hot weather Last but not the least – should we miss the wine and cheese? Baa Baa French-ship have you any wine Yes Sir Yes Sir 3 bottles wine One for the round table One for the round tabler And one for the tabler retiring from the game THE FRENCH LEAVE After many years of consideration and democratic moves of 41 International our French brethren were unwilling to accept democracy and follow certain principles in adhering to the rules. However they have decided to take a break. As all of you are aware, France has been threatening to leave our organization for many years. Now at the Chennai International AGM they have clearly declared about their leaving us. Further to this their National President Daniel Zanoletti has later (after the Chennai AGM) put it in writing to me that they do not wish to participate in the payment of fees to the International. Under these circumstances, France has ceased to be a member of this organization. Please be clearly aware that the 41 International organization remains the same. The name and logo are the sole property of 41 International and all its member countries. We as a friendship International organization must object the French from any further use of our 41 International property logo website etc since I would like to put on record that France has only filed an application with the Trade Marks Registry for our 41 International name & logo. Simply by filing an application, France does not become the rightful owners of our 41 name and logo & they are further trying to damage the unity of this organization. Please do not react agitatedly to these various unfortunate acts of the French continuously in our wonderful fellowship forum. Let us leave them at peace & continue our fellowship movement as a strong Ex-Tablers organization without any change to our rules & operations and individual pattern of operations at the National Boards of various countries. No doubt some countries have taken in non Ex-Tablers as members earlier for some reasons. They will always remain our friends to participate in the friendship & fellowship of our organization without intervening in the administration and governance of our Ex-Tablers organization. The governance of 41 International is best left to the elected body of ex tablers. If the objective of Non Ex-Tablers is friendship and fellowship there are ample opportunities in 41 Clubs. The bottom line is 20 countries are together in this fellowship movement. France has left us hopefully temporarily I ask each one of you to give your love and loyalty to the tabling movement and support in retaining the exclusivity and togetherness built over several years from tabling & now into 41 clubs. KK N S Krishna Kumar President - 41 Clubs International
22/01/2012 Matti Hinttala Club 41 International matti@hltech.fi
Object: : In the honour and memory of Jari Kukkonen
Dear Friends! I am sad to tell you that Jari Kukkonen former president of Old Tablers Suomi Finland and IRO(member who never had the possibility yet to attend the Stomach meetings) passed away yesterday evening after a rather long period of being in hospital. Those who knew Jari remember him as a wonderfull and cheerfull gentleman around whom there never was a dull moment, a true Tablers always helping others and sometimes also needing help while visiting AGMs abroad. Please raise a glass in the memory of Jari tonight where ever you are. Yours in Friendship MYSNR Matti
21/01/2012 Bruce McKay 41 ers Association of Southern Africa brucemck@intekom.co.za
Object: To: all members of 41 Clubs
From: Bruce McKay [mailto:brucemck@intekom.co.za] Sent: 21 January 2012 10:11 To: all members of 41 Clubs Subject: FRIENDSHIP Hello Everybody Jean Louis thank you for the email highlighting your understanding of the document and the part you highlighted. I must however caution everyone as to not start thinking that RT International is encouraging the idea of non ex Tablers joining 41 Clubs they are actually warning 41 Club of the negative impact that such members may have on our organization and the fact that we will eventually just turn into another Rotary and or Lions club. I am the first one to say that we need to settle this issue once and for all but I have been reading the emails that have been going back and forth now for a while and thinking hard about what is going on. In most of those emails there seems to be a reflection on the our Association not wanting to work with the French however why is it that the French do not want to work with and accept the rules of our Association. It just does not make sense…somewhere they have lost the plot. I am aware that there are even some French 41 Clubs that have inducted members to their 41 Clubs that are 37 years old…why would they do this. The reply I received was that they are so close to 41 Club anyway they might as well not join Table first. To me this is wrong…I would rather have 2 or 3 good years as a Tabler than none at all. This simply explains to me how a non ex Tabler thinks. When you have not experienced the Camaraderie Fellowship and Charity side of Round Table, it does not matter to you. Our Association was formed to house members of Round Table that exceeded the age of 40 years not for everyone else. That is what makes our Association so unique. In closing I would like to reiterate that all members of this great organization are my friends and will always remain my friends. One of the great things about our Association is that once all the disputes are had we can sit together in a pub and have a beer together. That Gentlemen is Fellowship! I leave you with the whole part of page 4, clause 4.3 that Jean-Louis was referring to, please read carefully and let us not take things of context: 4.3 Acceptance in 41 after RT Round Table should not interfere with membership acceptance in 41Clubs. Each national association should respect their constitution and decide themselves if they accept past-Tablers automatically or not in their local clubs. It seems however obvious that it should be a natural process that past Tablers can join 41 Clubs without any problems or obstacles as long as the local constitution is respected at all times. Questions arise if not being a past Tabler, meaning never having been an official member of Round Table could be a problem for Round Table in general or not. Again, Round Table feels that it should not interfere with membership acceptance in 41 clubs. 41 Club was originally set up as a platform formed by past Tablers for past Tablers. It is to provide a community where the Round Table spirit continues to live. If however a national association accepts members who were never Tablers and appoints them as their representative it should be respected in terms of tolerance and democracy. The same happens with RT clubs with regards the age rule of 40 or 45. Although it is a completely different topic regarding membership it does show the tolerance and democracy as values of our association. Notwithstanding this however Round Table must point out the danger that this could lead to RT and 41 moving away from each other in the future. By willing to grow bigger and starting to do community servive 41 Club can become seen as a competitor for other Service Clubs (Like Rotary, 51 Lions etc). Indirectly this can become a danger for recrutement for Round Table locally. For any further comments please do not hesitate to contact me.
09/01/2012 Jean Louis Boileau Club 41 International jeanlouis_boileau@orange.FR
FRIENDSHIP AND TOLERANCE Why must a tolerant man consider as an absolute truth the duty to respect the ideas which are not his own? Because the diversity of opinions and beliefs represent for him a sacred and inviolable freedom of consciousness. This right must be the same for all consciences: Tolerance must be reciprocal: we respect our fellow-men in their firm belief on condition that they respect us in ours. THOUGHT IS FREE THAT S THE DIGNITY OF MAN . It would be an crime against human dignity to prevent a man from being free in his way of thinking. Mankind’s general interest demands free opinion and a free consciousness. That s the only way to establish genuine brotherhood between men. It is futile to hope for a universal way of thinking therefore we must teach those who have different beliefs and opinions to be aware of each other and to respect one another. Only this kind of tolerance can assure peace and calm The only way to ensure peace and a very solid union is by allowing everyone to search for their own truths instead of imposing upon them any kind of uniform belief system. It can only be by the promotion of free-thinking that we will be able to come to a consensus about what is the best for our Club. Isn t it true that our Club s real strength richness and blessing depend upon the peace and serenity reigning inside the Club itself? How can the delegates of an Association be so sure of their beliefs that they consider as enemies those who think differently from them? If a person believes that his way of thinking is the correct one does this give him the right to impose his ideals on those who do not think as he does? Why can t it be understood that each person has the right to think as he likes and that no man or woman has more moral authority than another? We must respect the freedom of thought. Dear Delegates dear Friends whatever is the side you have chosen whatever could be your opinion please be tolerant ! In the struggle that you are engaged in never forget that WE ARE ALL EQUAL, If you behave yourself as generous rivals and not as headstrong enemies I am quite sure that an unexpected solution may show itself in the heat of the battle. By respecting each other as free-thinking human beings we will have surely deserved our membership in this magnificent Club. We will have succeeded in transmitting our most cherished values: FRIENDSHIP AND TOLERANCE. We consider that it is a privilege to belong to our Club because the one who is judged worthy to be a Member must behave differently than the other men not that he is superior by intelligence or by spirit but because his qualities of heart and mind induce him not to retire within himself not to refuse his participation to surmount his natural egoism. Belonging to our Club means the love of friendship which is the most certain and the most beautiful sign of openness to the world. Loving friendship means to love the world in all its diversity and to acknowledge not only one’s preferences but also to take into account the innate right of each person to think and feel as they like. Belonging to our Club means that we are looking for true Friendship without any underlying motiveThis genuine Friendship is strong great and rare. My deepest wish is that our Club remains united so that it can extend its benevolent influence everywhere in the world where sincere men of quality want to weave the threads of Friendship Tolerance esteem and respect for solidarity There is too much agitation nerve and verbal violence in our discussions We need to trust in the good will and good faith of all the members We have to cease the suspicion and the never ending trials and accusations of our fellow brothers Positivity and UNITY should be our priority because a UNION cannot exist without the acceptation of DIVERSITY. Confucius wrote : Liberty of conscience, when it is awake and only when it is awake is the light of the brain-power to distinguish right and wrong, good and evil. Dogma rule is only the guard-rail for a yet immature brain Tolerance is the effort which man exerts upon himself with the aim of putting his own ideals into perspective so that he can take into the account the ideals of others. TOLERANCE IS STRENGTH TOLERANCE IS RESPECT . Ending this letter I just received a mail from Indu Chandhok in which I read Why do I have a variety of Friends who are all so different in character ? How can I get along with them all ? I think that each one helps to bring out a different part of me My Friends are all like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle when completed they form a treasure box. Dear Friends, dear delegates, I wish you a very happy Christmas for you and your family full of love and wisdom. Yours in Friendship Jean-louis Boileau
19/12/2011 Denis Back Club 41 International dbeck@sfr.fr
Object: condolences
From: denis beckarchitectesagreesarchit [mailto:dbeck@sfr.fr] Sent: 19 December 2011 19:29 To: Jean-Louis BOILEAU matti Krishna KUMAR club41cyprus werner.blessing John BELLWOOD Subject: CONDOLENCES Dear friends It was with great sadness and sorrow that we learned of the sudden and unexpected passing of our German friend Gunnar Stumpf 41 International Webmaster in 2009 . We our President Jean-Louis Boileau and the Board of 41 International would like to express our sincere condolences to his wife Indra their two small children and Gunnar s father Otto also Tabler in Celle . Our thoughts and heartfelt sympaties are with his family at this time .We had the great honour and the pleasure to know him and held him in the highest respect . Gunnar will stay with us in our hearts . Denis BECK International Secretary .
31/10/2011 Martin Schaerfe OT 106 Walsrode martin_schaerfe@t-online.de
Object: 41 Internet utilities
Grazie Renato! Grazie per i tanti anni che hai fatto un ottimo lavoro e un bellissimo website! Cordiali saluti Martin (OT 106 Walsrode)
30/10/2011 Renato Bonfini Pintor Mameli Club 41 General Free Site Livorno webmaster@club41general.com
Object: 41 Internet utilities
After handling the site of the club 41 Internatonal from the year 1996/97 to the year 2009/2010 I decided to leave the management of the site addressed http://www.club41international.com. However in order not to lose the contents of pages accumulated over many years and continue to make the typical services of general information and contact, I transferred all data to the new address http://www.club41general.com. I will be grateful to those wembasters / administrators who will want to link their sites to the new address http://www.club41general.com and / or to the sub addresses for them in the most interesting as : http://www.club41general.com/club41general.htm http://www.club41general.com/directory/index.htm http://www.club41general.com/calendar/ http://www.club41general.com/dati2/maillist/index.asp In the free spirit of the Internet I beg you want to visit and evaluate the continuing utility of our old / new site 41, Who wishes to add or delete from the site his name and e mail address can write to webmaster@club41general.com I thank all my friends who have appreciated my work all these years and that hopefully will continue to do so. On the mailing list can be circuited news of general importance. in the case please write to webmaster@club41general.com In the occasion I remember to the facebook users that is well active the group http://www.facebook.com/groups/webmasterclub41general/ I apologize for taking advantage of your friendship and tolerance Renato Bonfini former honorary webmaster Club 41 International
16/08/2011 David Illingworth Club 41 International
Object: a Friend passed away
I have to report some very sad news that George M Psaras Past President of Round Table International 2008-2009 has passed away this evening, at the very young age of 48. George was a very good friend of Round Table and 41 Club and will be greatly missed by his thousands of friends around the world. David Illingworth 41 INTERNATIONAL.
05/05/2010 Matti Hinttala & John Bellwood Club 41 International Jyvaskyla Finland mail@johnbellwood.com
Object: Notes of the AGM 2010
41 INTERNATIONAL Friday, 30 April 2010 AGM Notes Jyvaskyla April 2010 NOTES FROM THE 34TH ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING HELD IN THE HOTEL LAAJAVUORI, JYVASKYLA, FINLAND ON SATURDAY 24th APRIL 2010 .............1). International President John Bellwood opened the Meeting at 09h05. In the absence of a quorum, the Meeting was adjourned for 60 minutes. .............2). The meeting was reconvened at 10h05. In the absence of a quorum, the Meeting took place with the persons present who were from Austria, Cyprus, Finland, Great Britain, Norway, Romania, Sweden and Switzerland. Netherlands was also represented. International President John Bellwood and Vice-President Matti Hinttala were there from the International Board. .............3). Also welcomed were RTI Vice President Steve Ganado (Malta), RTI Past President Kaj Sartorisio (Finland), RT Finland President Petri Harju plus a collection of RT Finland Past Presidents. Mikko Kosonen (Finland) had been persuaded to act as Secretary; Reijo Jakovuori (Finland) acted as Steward. .............4). There were many apologies for absence. .............5). A letter of congratulation and best wishes from HM The Queen was addressed to Peasant Bellwood. Steve Ganado brought greetings from Round Table International. Tom Hietanen (VP Finland) welcomed all to Jyvaskyla. .............6). The Minutes of the Half-Yearly Meeting (HYM) in October 2009 were approved and signed as a true record. .............7). The revised allocation of budgeted expenditure for 2010/2011 was approved. John Bellwood reported the outcome of the Italian Earthquake Appeal. .............8). Resolutions relating to Affiliated Clubs, Change of Rules for Clarity, Managers and Rule 12(b) were carried forward to the HYM. .............9). The Resolution to accommodate the position of Treasurer was tabled and explained. .............10). Matti Hinttala gave his report as Vice President, written reports by IPP Randolph Riedlinger, Secretary Bob Parton and Treasurer David Illingworth were read and John Bellwood gave his report as President. .............11). Applications for the post of Webmaster are being handled by Matti Hinttala. In the meantime, Renato Bonfini (Italy) manages www.club41international.com and Jarkko Aitolahti (Finland) is reviewing the work done by Gunnar Stumpf (Germany) who was unable to assume fully his duties as Webmaster. .............12). A report by Editor Rajan Mittal (India) was read. The Hinge No. 9 April 2010 has been printed but those destined for the AGM had been marooned in Dubai. .............13). Tero Lindell (Finland) was re appointed Auditor. .............14). Nominations to host the Vice-Presidency in 2012-2013 had been received from Denmark and Switzerland. The Meeting resolved to vote now rather than at the HYM in October 2010. Switzerland will host the Vice-Presidency in 2012-2013. .............15). Denis Beck (France) was appointed International Secretary. .............16). No proposal by France regarding fees and voting was received. .............17). Great Britain outlined a proposal regarding the provision of international aid. A Resolution will be tabled at the HYM. .............18). Future Meetings – HYM in Brasov, Romania 16 October 2010 AGM in Toulouse, France 4 June 2011 HYM in Italy 15 October 2011 .............19). Sweden gave information about the AGM with Round Table on 15 May 2010 with a pre-tour. .............20). The offer by India to host the AGM 2012 in Chennai in the second half of April was accepted. Finland is considering offering to host the HYM in 2012. .............21). Verbal and written News was received from many Associations. .............22). John Bellwood announced the Board for 2010-2011. - President Matti Hinttala (Finland) - Vice- President Jean-Louis Boileau (France) - Secretary Denis Beck (France) - Treasurer David Illingworth - Immediate Past President John Bellwood - Vice-President Elect Krishna Kumar (India) - Vice-President in Waiting Switzerland .............23). The Meeting closed at 12h50. Matti Hinttala and John Bellwood 30 April 2010 Nota bene – Detailed Minutes have been drafted by Mikko Kosonen, to be edited by John Bellwood and approved by Matti Hinttala prior to distribution to the Member Associations. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Detailed Minutes have been drafted by Mikko Kosonen, to be edited by John Bellwood and approved by Matti Hinttala prior to distribution to the Member Associations. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
26/04/2010 JOHN BELLWOOD Club 41 International mail@johnbellwood.com
To all Member Associations of 41 INTERNATIONAL from Immediate Past International President John Bellwood I am delighted to tell you that the weekend organised by OT Suomi Finland as hosts of the 34th Annual General Meeting of 41 INTERNATIONAL was a resounding success and we saw Matti Hinttala (Finland) duly installed as our new International President. Our heartfelt thanks go to the members of 41 Club Finland and the ladies who all contributed to a most memorable occasion. Their application, flexibility, adaptation, organisation and ability to keep smiling and to keep cool with all the changes being made by the minute every hour of the day and of the night was unbelievable. 41 Club members and Round Tablers from Finland were there in vast numbers and we were joined by ROUND TABLE INTERNATIONAL Vice-President Steve Ganado (Malta). Congratulations and thanks go to the International Visitors/Councillors who exhibited every determination in true Round Table/41 INTERNATIONAL spirit to be there – Andreas Dolp, Erwin Fleberger, Christian and Irene Roessel (AUSTRIA), Marios Michaelides (CYPRUS), Herbert Kaiser (GERMANY), Lawrence Bamber, Helen Bellwood, Gordon and Elaine Macnab, Gill Young (GREAT BRITAIN), Gunther Werth (ITALY), Peter and Anneke Ornee (NETHERLANDS), Roar Brauti, Leif Nordberg, Stig Morten Stomner (NORWAY), Georghe Floroi, Ionel and Nicoleta Moldovan (ROMANIA), Staffan Aronsohn, Fredrick Beckman, Per Olofsson, Lennart Svensson, Per Wighart (SWEDEN), Werner Blessing (SWITZERLAND). More information will follow in due course from Matti, the Conference Organisers and myself. Again, congratulations and my sincere thanks to all who were in Jyväskyla. JOHN BELLWOOD Immediate Past President 41 INTERNATIONAL
10/03/2010 José Manuel Monteiro CLUB 41 PORTO & RT PORTUGAL PORTO jose.monteiro@clmassoc.com
Dear friends: Porto Club 41 is pleased to invite you all to come to Porto on the first weekend of May, for our AGM together with RT Portugal! As usual, all we can promise is lots of fun and friendship!! See you in Porto!! YI41 José Manuel Monteiro
22/02/2010 Kamal Elmedkouri Casablanca & Rabat 41 Clubs kamal.elmedkouri@menara.ma
Object: From Morocco to 41 International
From: kamal elmedkouri [mailto:kamal.elmedkouri@menara.ma] Sent: 22 February 2010 09:50 To: Randolph Cc: Aref Hassani; nasri111@menara.ma; John Bellwood; Bob Parton; matti.hinttala@hr-tekniikka.inet.fi; club41cyprus@aol.com; jeanlouis_boileau@orange.fr; Krishna Kumar Subject: RE: MOROCCO -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Randolph On behalf of my friends of 41 Casablanca and Rabat I would like to express our appreciation for your concern about the sad event in Meknes and would like to thank you for your kind sympathy. Be assured that if any action is required to help the families of the victims, we shall involve 41 international. Thank you all Yours in friendship Kamal
19/02/2010 John Bellwood President Club 41 INTERNATIONAL mail@johnbellwood.com
The Young People s Hall in Onna, Italy built with fundraising led by 41 Club Italia was opened on 23 January 2010. Details and many photographs can be seen at www.club41italia.org under Abbruzzo.
19/02/2010 Renato Bonfini Webmaster ad interim Club 41 Int. webmaster@club41international.com
Registrations are flooding in for the 34th Annual General Meeting of 41 INTERNATIONAL in Jyvaskyla, Finalnd on 24 April 2010. How to get there, how to register, some questions and answers etcetera can all be found at http://www.otsf.fi and going to........ 41 Int. AGM 2010.
15/02/2010 John Bellwood Club 41 International President 09/10 mail@johnbellwood.com
I was pleased to represent all members of 41 International at the funeral of Einhart Melzer on Friday 15th January 2010 in Berlin. Einhart was not only a life honorary member of 41 Club Great Britain and Ireland but also a Past President of Old Tablers Deutschland, a Past International President and a life honorary member of 41 International. I personally had met Einhart Melzer only twice but I was struck at the funeral by the affection and high esteem in which Einhart was obviously held by the entire 41 Club community throughout the world. The Melzer family kindly offered us refreshment following the funeral and I had the honour to address those present on behalf of 41 International. My address spoken in English ended with the words EIN GUTE FREUND and EIN WUNDERBARE MENSCH. John Bellwood President 41 INTERNATIONAL 2009/2010
29/01/2010 JOHN BELLWOOD CLUB 41 INTERNATIONAL Jyvaskyla mail@johnbellwood.com
All the notes,the brochure and registration form about the A.G.M are available from the site : http://www.otsf.fi JOHN BELLWOOD 29th January 2010
18/01/2010 Billy Moss International President 1986/1987
Object: in memory of Einhart Melzer
The local 41ers who supported me during my year in office have asked me to express their sympathy as well to his immediate family and friends. This is a short but very heartfelt farewell to Einhart Meltzer from the remaining 41ers and wives of the Port Shepstone 41 Club, South Africa who supported me, Billy Moss, in my year as International President. A man among men has gone to his rest. A man who lived 41ers and who became an honorary life president of the International Association. A man who loved life and one who came to love my country, South Africa. I will forever remember our visits to the Kruger National Park, Einhart sitting sideways in the passenger seat of the Kombi in order to talk to me, more often than not with a brandy and Coke in his hand. Yes I taught him to drink his cognac with Coca Cola! I valued his friendship and we often spoke of the wrongs in our respective countries, him with the Berlin Wall and me with Nelson Mandela in jail in my country.It was during our friendship that both blights on humanity were rectified - the wall came down and Mandela was released to become president of our country. Just two of the many memories we shared in our now, too short, life time.. Go well my friend. We salute you. Denys and Joan Hudson, Bubbles Mann, Liz Rattray, my wife Tansy and Billeeee! as he used to call me. Billy Moss
17/01/2010 John Bellwood Club 41 International mail@johnbellwood.com
Object: Einhart Melzer Official Announcement
To the Familie Zschornig Neisemeier the Board and Members of Old Tablers Deutschland Dr.jur. Einhart Melzer 24 May 1923 19th December 2009 It was with a great sense of loss that we learned of Einhart’s death. Whilst there is nothing we can say that will ease your loss we want you to know that we join you in your sadness. With Einhart we have lost a great man a true friend a loyal Tabler and ever active 41er. We at 41 INTERNATIONAL have much to thank him for: without his constant commitment supreme effort and beliefs in the good in all men without him our organisation would not be the Organisation that it is today. Einharts commitment as a valued member of 41 INTERNATIONAL ensured that he contributed constant help and encouragement to the organization in over 40 years until the very end. We were privileged that Einhart was an Life Honorary Member of 41 INTERNATIONAL 41 INTERNATIONAL President in 1984 – 1985 Einhart brought pleasure and friendship to everyone he met and will be sadly missed. We know that Einhart was very close to his dear wife Annelies and truly missed her now they will be together again The Board of 41 INTERNATIONAL offers deepest sympathy. Our thoughts are with the Family and with the Board and Members of Old Tablers Deutschland
13/07/2009 Philip Jones 20th Region Club 41 UK IRO>>2001 Philip.Jones@tggroup.co.uk
Object: International Webmaster
Dear Renato Many many thanks for keeping me up to date with everything to do with 41 International for the past 13 years, it is much appreciated. Yours in international friendship Philip Jones England The World
13/07/2009 Glauco Zago Club 41 Trieste Trieste Italy zagocostruzioni@tin.it
Object: International Webmaster
Caro Renato sono molto dispiaciuto della conclusione della avventura informatica iniziata più di dieci anni or sono su mia insistenza a favore di tutti gli amici 41 del mondo. La tua dedizione non trova parole adeguate per un riconoscimento per quanto hai fatto a favore di tutti noi per offrirci uno strumento moderno e tecnicamente valido per comunicare a tutti gli amici 41 il nostro modo di vivere il Club in amicizia e tolleranza Mi auguro che il tuo lavoro ed il tuo spirito di servizio rimangano impressi a lettere d oro nella storia del Club 41 International Tutti noi 41 ti dobbiamo molto Grazie ancora per la tua disponibilità e per la tua perseveranza oltre ogni critica Il tuo web adviser e past past International President Glauco Zago
13/05/2009 John Bellwood Club 41 International mail@johnbellwood.com
Object: Welcome to a New 41 INTERNATIONAL Year
To the Presidents of the Member Associations of 41 INTERNATIONAL To the IROs of the Member Associations of 41 INTERNATIONAL To the International Board and Managers All members of 41 Clubs internationally Gentlemen, I wish to thank all those who came to the International AGM and Conference in the Royal Forest of Dean/Gloucester/Cheltenham for being there and contributing to a fitting finale to Randolph Riedlinger’s year and to a wonderful start to my year. It is a great honour to be representing Great Britain and Ireland and to be your President. I will do my best for 41 INTERNATIONAL and all its Members. At the AGM, we bade farewell to Dieter Straka (Austria) who was International President 2007/2008 and had previously been Editor of the Courier. We welcomed Matti Hinttala (Finland) as Vice-President and David Illingworth (Cyprus) was elected as Treasurer. Renato Bonfini (Italy) has retired as Webmaster after many years of devoted service to 41 INTERNATIONAL. The new Webmaster is Gunner Stumpf (Germany). We have a new Editor in Rajan Mittal (India) who is easing the load of Bob Parton who has been Editor for the last three years (Secretary also during the last two years). India will be hosting the Vice-Presidency in 2011/2012 following France in 2010/2011. Italy made an appeal for funds to support reconstruction work following the devastating earthquake. Details of the appeal can be found at www.clubitalia.org Beat Berger (Switzerland) reported progress with the Strategic Working Group, and was given a resounding vote in favour of continuing with his work. The official photographers at the AGM weekend were Françoise Senicourt and David Illingworth. The photographs will be posted in due course. To everybody – conference organisers, Board Members, Presidents, IROs, conference delegates, Managers, helpers, supporters – I say a big, big thank you from 41 INTERNATIONAL. I look forward to seeing many of you again when I visit your Association AGMs and at the Half-Yearly Meeting in Switzerland in October www.agm-2009.ch and at the Annual General Meeting in Finland in April 2010. May the hinges of friendship never rust. Yours in 41 INTERNATIONAL JOHN BELLWOOD President
31/01/2009 Renato Bonfini Club 41 International webmaster@club41int.com
Object: 41 BLOG
FROM DE MAIN PAGE IS AVAILABLE THE = QUARANTUNOBLOG= TO PUBBLISH ALL 41 EVENTS BROCHURES & BOOKING FORMS. EVERY DOCUMENT MAY BE DOWNLOADED BY THE VISITORS. THE SERVICE IS EXPECIALLY DEDICATED TO THE CLUBS ( local / regiona l/ national ) WITHOUT THE OWN INTERNET SITE. please verify at : http://www.club41international.com/club41int2008-9.htm http://quarantunoevents.blogspot.com/ YI41 & RT Renato
25/09/2008 Forty One ART VENUE Francois YVRARD PARIS yvrard.francois@wanadoo.fr
Object: at La Maison des 41, Novotel Porte d¹Asnieres in Paris
AN ART EXHIBITION BY OUR CLUB MEMBERS ! Francois YVRARD, National Past President of Club 41 France, is organising the first exhibition of works of art created by members of our clubs and their partners, be they amateur or professional. From 30th April to 3rd May 2009, at La Maison des 41, Novotel Porte d¹Asnières in Paris. Painting, sculpture, photography ! Join us ! Reservations are open from today. ! Contact : yvrard.francois@wanadoo.fr
08/09/2008 Riedlinger Randolph Club 41 Merano / Meran MERANO / MERAN randolph@rriedlinger.eu
Object: Chestnut Festival
Dear international friends of Club 41 International. With the present I would like to invite you to our this year traditional Chestnut Festival, which will be held between Friday, 31 October and Saturday, 01 November 2008. This year we don t organize on Sunday the usual Farwell, because we have a proposal for you. On Sunday you could come with us from Club 41 Meran-Merano to Verona, where the local Club 41 will organize his traditional Feast of the olives . This feast will be celebrated only on Sunday, 02 November 2008. Friday, 31.10.08 Starting 17.00 o clock the registration in the Hotel Edelweiss Vinschgaustreet, 105, 39020 Partschins Tel. 0039-0473-967128, info@edelweissferien.com www.edelweissferien.com 20.00 o clock - Home party in the hotel Saturday, 01.11.08 Hike or walk in the lower Vinschgau (you know the valley, where we visited the castle and the smallest town of the world Glurns on Friday during the Int l AGM). After the arrival of the hike there will be organized a mediaeval Chestnut Festival. Registration through our Registration Officer Helmut Daldossi with e-mail: foto.daldossi@dnet.it Please forward this our invitation to your 41er friends of your country, who might have the possibility to join us. Would be great to get your registration, I m yours in 41 Riedlinger Randolph Int l. President of club 41 Int l. Grabmayrstr., 17 39012 Meran/BZ - Italy Tel. 0039 0473 256 232 or 0039 0473 210 610 Mobile phone 0039 335 63 99 010 Fax: 0039 0473 256 231 E-mail: randolph@rriedlinger.eu Skype address: randolphmeran
07/09/2008 Renato Bonfini ex Round Table 1 in Spain Barcelona info@restaurantpitarra.cat
01/07/2008 Gerard Pascal Club 41 Indian Ocean & Club 41 International Balaclava =Mauritius mausrltd@telbox.com
- HYM : 12 - 14 September - Hotel Maritim - Balaclava - Mauritius - Dear All , A friendly reminder : Please register now your name and the name of your wife / partner on our site for the HYM 2008 in Mauritius . Site : www.41clubmauritius.org// As mentioned , we are closing the registrations on Monday 30.6.2008 . As at today we already received + 250 registered and confirmed delegates excluding the members of Clubs 41 in Mauritius and Round Tablers . You can check the registrations on : www.41clubmauritius.org/ Presidents , VP , IROS , Secretary , Members , please invite your delegates . member to register now on our site .Thank you . Webmaster Please invite the associations to do so now .Thank you . Reminder : AIR MAURITIUS negotiated AIR FARES - AIR MAURITIUS Contact person : J Gerard Pascal on mausrltd@telbox.com I thank you for sending this reminder to your regions , to your respective clubs and to your members urgently . I send you my best personal regards and hope to see you soon in Mauritius
25/04/2008 Int President Dieter Straka CLUB 41 INTERNATIONAL 2007/2008 MERANO/MERAN dieter.straka@gmx.at
Object: Report
Gentlemen, dear friends, The second half of my presidency has passed by even more quickly than the first one. Much work was left to be done but luckily we have managed to get most of it done by now. So let me report now step by step. After the HYM in Zambia I visited South Africa’s AGM in Bloemfontein. This is an extraordinary experience I wish everybody had the opportunity and the time to make – it is true fellowship and fun at its best. Romania s AGM was next and Dorel Cerbu gave proof of good organization and also good relations of the association with Round Table. The AGM of 41 Belgium took place in a corner of France, Belgium and Luxembourg and when we moved around we never knew in which country we actually were. I wonder how they managed before the EU. In the hotel bed my feet were in France while my head rested in Belgium. That must be what they call a borderline syndrome. The Swiss AGM saw some unofficial and official handovers of several lost and/or stolen articles including my secretary’s chain. In March this year I went to Finland, well prepared for arctic temperatures, even risking overweight penalties at the airport check-in. But to our utmost surprise we didn’t even see snow in most parts of the countryside. The highlights were the well known Finnish white wine and John Bellwood s joke about his black testicles. Next I joined our friends in Israel at an AGM which was different from any other I have attended so far. Board and members of the clubs sitting together with me in a circle and discussing topics of common interest was a true experience. The social day after that was providing surprising insights into Israel s history and gave opportunities to strengthen ties to old friends again. Ariel knows how to be the perfect host and in Sir George s company we felt absolutely aristocratic and on safe ground, as safe as in Abraham s lap, so to speak. There will be an AGM next year open to visitors and Israel showed interest in hosting an international HYM. In Denmark I was spoiled by Bjarne and Lisbeth and Karen and Michael who were most caring hosts and we had lots of good talks together. On top of that hilarious experience Michael and I tried to empty an indoor swimming pool with brooms and a pump but most unfortunately could not finish the job during the weekend. The AGM was a breathtaking four-days-event with a Titanic fancy dress night showing a dozen captains on the ship – small wonder that it sank! Fancy dressing surf and turf was due at Great Britain s AGM just two weeks ago and I had to sacrifise my abundant hairdo to making a weird show in my swimming costume. The strongest Association in our organization changed its name to Ex Round Tablers Association which is a big step closer to RT now. Thank you all for having invited me and having been such wonderful hosts. At this point I want to thank Bob Parton for his great effort, his support and the tremendous energy he put into his work. Together we could achieve a lot: 1) Remembering the roots we strengthened our ties with RT International not only by visiting their AGM but also by exchanging thoughts and experiences regarding our common goals. 2) For the first time we could bring together RTI, LCI and Agora joining us at this AGM and yesterday we had a first joined meeting discussing what we can do together in the future and how we can share information and how we can improve working together. 3) Archivist Beat Berger and Bob Parton used the chance to save information about our history at a visit to Eric Miller who was a founding member of the Extablers association in Great Britain and has an incredible archive of documents about our movement from the very beginning. 4) Our secretary put some work into a proposal to clarify our rules as a whole and make them better understandable. 5) For our future we laid the basis for a strategic working group and we will hear more about it later. 6) Talking about our future I have to report that with the strong support of the working group we had established in Livingstone last year it was possible to solve the liability problem we had with the YAP and the Famex programme. 7) Finally after starting discussion about how we can open our organization to single clubs we now have a proposal ready to affiliate them into our international family. Finally we found a way to solve the charter problem we had with club 41 Italy. The Board decided that there was a misunderstanding of the rules causing it. Italy promised to change their rules to be in line with the international rules and the International Board now tables a proposal to clarify charter conditions to avoid any misunderstandings in the future. Gentlemen, it has been a privilege to serve you and it was a wonderful experience. I am grateful for your true friendship and strong support throughout this last year. Thank you.
25/02/2008 Michael Dalbo Pedersen IRO for Denmark XT95-2 Kerteminde dalbo@mailme.dk
Object: 4/6=03=08 National AGM in Ex Table Denmark
COME TO DENMARK TO ATTEND OUR ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING IN THE PICTURESQUE TOWN OF KERTEMINDE. KERTEMINDE IS ON THE ISLAND FUNEN AND IS IS EASILY REACHED BY INTEREITY TRAINS FROM THE COPENHAGEN AIRPORT IN ABOUT 1.6 HOUR. HERE YOU WILL EXPERIENCE THE MARITIME ATMOSPHERE IN THE OLD MARINST TOWN... TITANIC NIGTS THURDAY :National President s international Dinner XT95-2...FRIDAY :Get Together Party - Fancy Dress Night SATURDAY: National AGM of Ex tablers Gala Evening SUNDAY : Brunch - Hotel The club XT95-2...or better known as THE OLD TABLER S of Kerteminde will wamly welcome you to a weekend full of true Tabler spirit.emphasizing homely confort and tempting culinary dining experiences in Mukebo Inn We set out on Apriil 3rd and we are homeward bound on April 6th 2008 Don t dread trouble caused by the ocean-all of the meeting willl take place on firm grounds. Please dress up in evening gowns and uniforms or dress up as officers or staff for Friday evening, just like the passengers did when sailing with Titanic. Saturday evening we have the gala evening with evening gowns and black tie Thursday evening is a jacket and tie or casual. Prices : Thursday kr 750,00 Friday-Sunday kr 1.800,00 AGM Saturday only kr 300,00 Gala Satuday only kr 1.000,00 If your prefer to sleep above the waterline .pleasemake sure to book a cabin or a berth in proper time.For reservations,please contact Captain Lars Storkehave: storkhave@mail.dk It is impossible for the Captain to guarantee return tickets for each and every passenger......so...... Make your reservations now !!
25/10/2007 Gordon Macnab CLUB 41 in SCOTLAND Pitlochry gordonandelaine@tiscali.co.uk
Object: Past Presidents Meeting 2008
Dear Friends As agreed in Bremerhaven at the 2006 PPM the time has come to remind you of a date for your new 2008 diaries. Those who were at the meeting in Germany will remember it was agreed that there should be one initial contact in each country within 41 International. This will greatly assist in communicating details of future meetings to all Past Presidents. At the meeting in Bremerhaven some of us volunteered to be that contact one or two well know individuals were suggested by those present as ideal candidates and I have spoken to some others over the past few months. For all the other countries that are not included in this arrangement I have decide to contact the IPPs as appearing the 41 International Members Directory 2007-2008. All Past Presidents you are invited to attend the Past Presidents Meeting 2008 to be held at The Atholl Palace Hotel Pitlochry Scotland from Thursday 2 October to Sunday 5 October 2008 Watch your inbox for the full programme and booking form to be sent to you in December Please forward this advance notice to all the Past Presidents in your country. The full programme and booking form will be sent by email in December for distribution in a similar manner. In the meantime should you require any further information please feel free to contact me. Looking forward to welcoming you to Scotland next year. Yours in continued friendship Gordon
11/10/2007 Riedlinger Randolph Vice President Club 41 International Merano = Italy rr.irene@dnet.it
invitation........through the web-site http://www.club41agm.com/ where you can find now all the necessary information of all the programs and the register form. Riedlinger Randolph Grabmayrstr., 17 39012 Meran (BZ) - Italy Tel. 0039 0473 256 232 - 0039 0473 210 610 Fax: 0039 0473 256 231 E-mail: rr.irene@dnet.it
20/09/2007 Renato Bonfini Livingstone = Zambia webmaster@club41international.com
Object: Minutes of Zambia HYM 2007
The entire text of the Minutes of HYM Meeting of 41 INTERNATIONAL in Zanbia = 25/08/2007 = are available from the Club 41 International Site directly managed from the International Secretary & Treasurer & Editor Bob Parton at http://www.thehinge.de/ .......... YIT+ Renato
27/06/2007 Uwe Kerstan 41 Int. Immediate Past-President 550258371439@t-online.de
Object: Old Tablers Sweden
Dear Renato, the International Board is very pleased that Old Tablers Sweden decided at their AGM this May to apply again for membership in 41 International. When 41 International President Dieter Straka got this message during our AGM in Graz, the International Council immediately made the decision to accept Old Tablers Sweden as new member. A heardly and warm welcome to our Swedish friends - it s great to have them back in our family! Best regards yours in international friendship Uwe Kerstan 41 Int. Immediate Past-President
10/05/2007 Sam Sampath 41 Intl. Famex Convenor Club 41 INDIA & FRANCE geethasampath1@dataone.in
Object: French Guests to India - FAMEX Report
Da: Minimac Data: Wed, 09 May 2007 18:38:16 +0530 A: kerstan-celle@t-online.de, email@johnbellwood.com, Dieter Straka , John Hudson , Riedlinger Randolph , Renato Bonfini , Lacorre Jacques , jmtrapani@numericable.fr, jm.reliant@wanadoo.fr, paul.lejeune@wanadoo.fr Oggetto: French Guests to India - FAMEX Report To 41 Intl. President / V.P / Secy. / Past President / Randolph & web Master 41 clubs of India / 41 clubs of France Dear 41ers Sub: French Guests to India – FAMEX Report I am glad to inform you that the first FAMEX programme started off with 2 couples visiting India from 14th April to 28th April 07. I thank all those who put in their time and money for making it a success. I am glad to note that I have a some enquiries for FAMEX from Italy France Belgium and S. Africa. I trust the FAMEX will be a great success. Enclosed please find the details of their visit (report available n demand) Kind regards Sam Sampath 41 Intl. Famex Convenor.
09/05/2007 Eric Stroud Philip Bragg 41 Club Johannesburg PhilipB@damelin.co.za
Object: Eric Stroud passed away
It is with regret that Johannesburg 41 Club South Africa announces the death of Eric Stroud on 9 May 2007 after a long illness. Eric was the Johannesburg 41 Club Chairman in 1977/8 and 1980/1. He was the South African 41 Club National President in 1989/90 Eric served on 41 Club International Executive Council for many years as International Liason Officer and was the first ever recipient of the International Merit Award presented to him in 1995. He was present and honoured at his last international AGM in Durban South Africa in 2005. Eric will be remembered as a passionate 41er and was a man who remained positive to the end. Eric is survived by his wife Sue, two children and four grandchildren. Our thoughts extend to his family at this time. Regards Philip Bragg Chairman 41 Club Johannesburg South Africa Sidney/Craig Could you please notify 41club International and the Hinge Thanks Philip
27/04/2007 41 INTERNATIONAL AGM - AGENDA Club 41 International mail@bellwoods.com
Object: Agenda for the 31st Annual General Meeting of 41 INTERNATIONA
A G E N D A FOR THE 31st ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING TO BE HELD IN HOTEL FEICHTINGER, GRAZ, AUSTRIA ON SATURDAY 19th MAY 2007 AT 09h15 1. Opening of the Meeting and welcome 2. Welcome by 41 Club Austria 3. Address by Ravi Khanna, Vice-President of Round Table International 4. Apologies for absence 5. Recognition of International Councillors and observers 6. Announcements – organisation, arrangements and procedure 7. Appointment of Tellers 8. Minutes of the 24th Half-Yearly Meeting in October 2006 – approval and matters arising 9. Proposed New Rules 10. Reports by the Board – a. President b. Secretary c. Immediate Past President d. Vice-President 11. Report of the Treasurer 12. Appointment of Auditor 13. Election of Secretary/Treasurer 14. Receipt of Resolutions – ¶ Belgium Secretary/Treasurer ¶ France Secretary/Treasurer and Rule 12(b) ¶ Italy Rule 5(d) (new Rule 5(f)) 15. Proposal by the Board re Secretary/Treasurer 16. Application by 41 Club Sweden to resume membership 17. Offers to host the Vice-Presidency in 2009/2010 18. Dates of future meetings 19. Any Other Business relevant to the A G M 20. Date and place of next Meeting 21. Introduction of the Board 2007/2008 22. Acknowledgements and closing of the Meeting ================================================ A G E N D A FOR A W O R K S H O P TO BE HELD IN HOTEL FEICHTINGER, GRAZ, AUSTRIA ON SATURDAY 19th MAY 2007 AFTER THE AGM 1. News from the Associations 2. Archives, Extension, Website, The Hinge, International Directory 3. YAP and FAMEX 4. Round Table International 5. Future Meetings – further information 6. Proposals by France – ¶ Calculation of fees and representation ¶ Associated members ¶ Use of the French language 7. Any other subjects JOHN BELLWOOD 27th April 2007
23/04/2007 Renato Bonfini Club 41 International Webmaster webmaster@club41international.com
Object: communication
WEBMASTER COMMUNICATION I wish to inform you all that I have decided to upgrade our international website. At the Mantova meeting on 21/04/2007 of the joint Italian French National Committees, following my specific and motivated request, CLUB 41 ITALY and CLUB 41 FRANCE have consented that our friends Duccio Arrighi and Patrick Nivet, on a voluntary basis, to act as technical consultants to the Webmaster of the CLUB 41 INTERNTIONAL. Renato, Duccio and Patrick will meet periodically and at least twice a year during the web meetings open to all 41 Webmasters and to anybody that may wish to contribute to the improvement of the use of internet. YI 41 & RT Renato
27/12/2006 Steve Mwansa ZAMBIA 41 CLUBS 20-24 August 2007 smwansa@zamnet.zm
Object: HYM 2007 PRE-TOUR
Herewith full details of the second HYM 2007 Pre-Convention Tour set for 20-24 August 2007. I will be pleased to be of further service as may be necessary. Kind regards and season s compliments, Steve Mwansa REGISTRATION CONVENOR. Full programme available on demand to webmaster@club41int.com
18/12/2006 Uwe Kerstan Club 41 International President 550258371439@t-online.de
Object: season greetings
Dear friends in two weeks 2006 has passed by and 2007 starts running. A moment for a short review of this year. For me it was of course an amazing year because you only will become once in your life 41 International President - and it s a great honour to be on top of our fantastic association. I tried to do my duties as good as possible and I feel ashamed of having neglected a lot of them. But as a working man you also have to look after your job. I participated in a lot of AGMs and it would be unfair to prefer one to another - every association tried to organize a unique and unforgettable weekend and it was overwhelming to accept all the friendship and hospitality all over the world. You can be sure I will never forget these great moments. Thank you all very very much!! The international conferences were successful and effective; all discussions were held in a decent and objective way - as it should be among friends. 41 International is growing pretty well - and that means there are a lot of new things to do. But the problem is that the budget of 41 International is so low that it is nearly impossible to be innovative. For instance countries with only one or two 41 clubs need assistance, it would be helpful if experienced oldies could visit and support them - but there is no money left in our budget for these travels. That s why it is so necessary to change our rules in Graz and to raise the fees. I count on your support! I will never understand that it is not possible that at least every member pays the prize of a pint of beer as membership fee to 41 International - we are the best club of the world aren t we? I hope to meet you all again next year! Best wishes for a merry Christmas and a happy New Year yours in friendship Uwe Kerstan 41 International President
01/12/2006 Past Presidents Meeting Club 41 International/Ass. ex Tabler Clubs Pitlochry, Perthshire, Scotland mailto:gordonandelaine@tiscali.co.uk
Object: Past Presidents Meeting 2008
Calling All Past Presidents. The next Past Presidents Meeting is to be held in Pitlochry, Perthshire, Scotland from Thursday 2 October to Sunday 5 October 2008. Pitlochry is approximately 55 miles north of Edinburgh and is regarded as the gateway to the Highlands of Scotland. Regular main line trains serve the town from Edinburgh and Glasgow and travel by road from these cities takes about 1.5 to 2 hours. The 4 star Atholl Palace Hotel is a splendid location for the Meeting being well away from the cities and with all the comforts required for an excellent weekend. Past Presidents please put a note in your diaries. Booking Forms and Programme details will be issued in December 2007. Your in Continued friendship, Gordon Macnab
17/10/2006 Bob Parton Editor Club 41 International The Hinge Club 41 International bobparton@ropa-stahl.com
Object: Famex info & Famex registration list
Dear Friends as requested at the HYM in Southend-on-Sea on Saturday,I have put the FAMEX registration list of interested people on the Net go to http://www.thehinge.de then open Famex List of exchange names and then,if you wish, please send me your details and your name/s will be added to it. Trips will then be organised and you will aöll be informed please add your Email addresses YiCF Bob Bob Parton Editor Club 41 International The Hinge Tel: +497219482200 Fax: +49721481351
16/10/2006 Dieter Straka Vice President Club 41 International bobparton@ropa-stahl.com
Object: Appeal for help, particularly at Christmas time
Dear friends, When I came home I took a look at the last Hinge and felt compelled to write something about Romania. Here it is: Fed up with staying at home?......Bob Parton asked in the last edition of our new maga- zine “The Hinge”. So Lydia and I for the 7th time this year packed our 41-cases and went to Brasov to enjoy a weekend of fun and work with our Romanian friends at their AGM. The weather was good – meaning good sun, good clouds and good rain – and so was the mood. Romanian hos- pitality is an experience for it- self and is not to be missed during the lifetime of a true 41er. So we met quite a lot of them from several European associations like Italy, France, England (Bob), The Nether- lands, Belgium, Germany, Den- mark and Austria. The AGM and the week- end were organized and cele- brated together with RT. The Vice President of 41 Interna- tional on behalf of President Uwe Kerstan – who that weekend joined our Indian friends at their AGM – made it a point to stress how impor- tant this “together” is and how well the Romanians do it. This visit also gave us an- other opportunity to take a look at the other side of the coin: Lack of funds in many fields, but especially when it comes to the needs of chil- dren, of orphans and on top of it, when those are in many ways disabled too. Whoever wants to help those – Mihail Ponova, the Ro- manian Past President, is the man to send funds to. His wife is working in such a facility car- ing for almost 70 disabled or- phans aged between 3 months and 18 years. Most of them don’t even know what Christ- mas is. To help them would certainly give us a good Christmas feel- ing. Yours in friendship – and in the spirit of RT Dieter Straka NEWS FLASH Vice-President International Dieter Straka Appeal for help, particularly at Christmas time
10/10/2006 Renato Bonfini Club 41 International webmaster@club41int.com
Object: 41 International Folder of the Secretary
From International Secretary .....omissis................ I am pleased to tell you that a visit to www.club41.org, which previously contained information about the attention of 41 Club to the tsunami disaster, will give you access to Minutes, Rules and numbers which will be on the Agenda at the Half-Yearly Meeting in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, England on Saturday 14th October 2006. ...........omissis............
03/10/2006 Nuccio Stecca President Club 41 ITALIA Club 41 Rovereto Club 41 Rovereto & Val Gardena nuccio.stecca@fastwebnet.it
Carissimi Presidenti, We have done the first National Committee yesterday in Vicenza and the Euro Ski Meeting Convenor Maurizio Vettori has presented the preliminary program of this international event. I will be in Ostende this week and I will take to you the program. Definitive program and prices will be available in November. Euro ski meeting will be in Val Gardena with base at Ortisei in 22-23-24-25 march 2007 in a spectacular environment. Ortisei is connected with Santa Cristina and Selva in World Cup ski scenario in which all ski race course are connected. We have created a special committee (10 people ski force) which has in charge the organization of free time, ski competitions, snow games for an unforgettable event. Everybody can stay all the week. We are treating with hotel associations for best prices for four days and all week. Accommodations available are: apartments, residence, garni (B&B) hotel*** hotel**** (prices from 50 euro/night/person). Rooms reservation will be done directly in the hotel indicated. Details are available from Maurizio Vettori vettori@bvg-itallia.com +393356406320. I wait you and your friends in Ortisei next march 2007 for skiing together. In amicizia Vostro Nuccio Stecca Presidente Nazionale CLUB 41 ITALIA (winner of the cup 2006)
26/09/2006 Bob Parton Editor Club 41 International The Hinge bobparton@ropa-stahl.com
Object: The Hinge October 2006
Dear Friends, Copy of the latest Hinge, our Club 41 INTERNATIONAL Magazine, for your information it will be also available on the net at http://www.thehinge.de as from next week. We are also printing a copy for handing out at the HYM in Southend -on-Sea on 12th October I would be grateful if you could present it on your Homepages and if possible try to list anybody that would like to subscribe and receive a Hardcopy ( in paper form). The magazine will be printed twice a year, once before the AGM and the othertime just before the HYM a copy will cost €1 each plus of course Postage and Packing Bob Parton Editor Club 41 International The Hinge Tel: +497219482200 Fax: +49721481351 http://www.thehinge.de
10/09/2006 Paolo Macor Club 41 Trieste Past President TRIESTE pomo41@alice.it
Object: HYM C.41 ITALIA & 25th Anniversary Club 41 Trieste Italy
Dear BIG friends, annex you can find the short program for the celebration of our 25th Anniversary (our Silver Wedding).I am sure that, if possible, you will be present.Remember that our 41 Club is the first born in Italy.Hopeing to see you in Trieste, please do not hesitate to contact me. Your in 41 Club Paolo MACOR Past President of 41 --------------------------------------------- Program available on demand Club Trieste
08/09/2006 Dominique GERARD National Editor & Webmaster 41 CLUB OF BELGIUM 41club@dgerard.com
Da: Dominique GERARD <41club@dgerard.com> Data: Fri, 8 Sep 2006 17:12:32 +0200 A: Webmaster Club 41 International Cc: GERARD Dominique <41club@dgerard.com>, Vincent CORBISIER Dear Renato Could you please put in the agenda of the website 41 International and send as a reminder to all recipients of your International mailing list : ALL INFORMATION ABOUT THE CHARTER METTING BRUSSELS 33 on 21 OCTOBER 2006 WITH ALL DETAILS AND REGISTRATION FORM ARE AVAILABLE ON THE WEB : http://www.41clubs.be/ArchCharBruss33.htm Contact: Pierre-A. NIBELLE club41brussels33@hotmail.com Thank You very much . Yours in 41 Dominique
06/09/2006 Pieter Carbon Belgian AGM Ostend pieter.carbon@myonline.be
Object: AGM details & Registration Form
From: pieter.carbon@myonline.be To: webmaster@club41int.com Cc: plouagie@scarlet.be,gerard.d@skynet.be Sent: Wed, 6 Sep 2006 09:47:53 +0200 Subject: BELGIAN AGM Dear Renato , Could you please send as a reminder to all recipients of your International mailing list : ALL INFORMATION ABOUT THE BELGIAN AGM ON 6-8 OCTOBER IN OSTEND " THE PLACE TO BE " WITH ALL DETAILS AND REGISTRATION FORM ARE AVAILABLE ON THE WEB : http://www.41clubs.be/. Thank You very much . Yours in 41 Pieter
31/07/2006 Tad Wolanski Founder Secretary, Gdansk 41 Club Gdansk = Poland zira@poczta.onet.pl
Object: Charter Ceremony of Gdansk 41 Club in Poland
Dear friends Please find the enclosed official invitation and registration form for the Charter Ceremony of Gdansk 41 Club in Poland with some details about the programme and the founder members. Please send the attachment to anyone you think will be interested and post it on the International 41 Club page. We have had considerable interest so far and already there are 12 gentlemen with a potential 4 ladies coming to visit us in October. Early reservation is advised (it s cheaper!) and the hotel is pressing us to confirm places for the weekend. I look forward to receiving lots of registration forms! YiCF Tad Wolanski ------------------- noteof the webmaster: the booking form and programme are available on demand
A G E N D A WORKSHOP MEETING AT 10h00 ON SATURDAY 20th MAY 2006 IN THE IT-CENTER, DORTMUND, GERMANY 1. NEWS FROM THE ASSOCIATIONS – including expansion and extension 2. AMENDMENTS TO THE RULES – Comment 3. 41 INTERNATIONAL FINANCES – Comment 4. YOUNG AMBASSADORS’ EXCHANGE PROGRAMME 5. FAMILY EXCHANGE PROGRAMME – Sam Sampath 6. 41 INTERNATIONAL CALENDAR 7. INTERNATIONAL SERVICES – Website, Archives, Directory, Courier 8. ANY OTHER ITEMS FOR THE WORKSHOP [ Lunch will be served at approximately 12h30 following the Workshop] Prepared and presented by JOHN BELLWOOD Secretary of 41 INTERNATIONAL April 2006
25/04/2006 JOHN BELLWOOD Club 41 International Dortmund 19/21=05=2006
Notice is hereby given that the 30th ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING OF 41 INTERNATIONAL WILL BE HELD IN THE IT-CENTER, DORTMUND, GERMANY ON SATURDAY 20TH MAY 2006 AT 14h00 WITH THE FOLLOWING AGENDA - 1. Opening of the meeting and welcome 2. Apologies for absence 3. Appointment of Tellers 4. Correspondence and announcements 5. Minutes of the HYM 2005 – approval and matters arising 6. Reports from – a) The International President b) The International Vice-President c) The Immediate Past International President d) The International Secretary 7. Report by the International Treasurer 8. Appointment of Auditor 9. Submissions by Associations to host the International Vice-Presidency in 2008-2009 10. Amendments to the Rules 11. Future Half-Yearly and Annual General Meetings 12. Introduction of the International Board 2006/2007 13. Any other business relevant to the AGM 14. Date and place of the next International Meeting 15. Acknowledgements and closing of the meeting By Order of the International Board JOHN BELLWOOD Secretary
24/04/2006 Herbert Kaiser N.P. Old Tablers Germany in 1992/93 & 1998/99. Bremerhaven/Germany KaiserHB@aol.com
Object: Meeting of Pastpresidents - October 05 – 08 - 2006
Youre invited to join the following programme: Thursday 5. 15-19h Registration in the Comfort Hotel in the old fishery harbour (Schaufenster Fischereihafen) 19.00 h Welcome party in the nearby Fiedlers Aalkate Friday 6. 09.00 h Bus tour The Unknown North of Germany – Landscape and history of the coastal area – 13.00 h Lunch at the river Ems, local food in the Restaurant Emsblick – 14.30 h Guided sightseeing tour in Papenburg with - Meyer shipyard where biggest cruisers of the world are built - Papenburg – the town in the moor 19.00 h Dinner in a historical windmill, now a mustard producing mill Restaurant Wirtshaus Senfmühle in Oldenburg Saturday 7. 09.30 h Start at the hotel by the HarbourBus for a tour into the heart of the container port and car terminal of Bremerhaven The tour ends at 11.30 h in the old harbour with a lot of maritime exhibitions (barque Seutte Deern, submarine, light ship, etc.), just in the near of the city 12.00 h Lunch in the Schiffergilde afternoon Optional: Guided tour in the in the AWI (A.-Wegener-Institut, Polar and maritime reserch) Individual: German Maritime Museum (also open-air); German Emigration Center, Columbus Quay, Shopping or recreation 19.00 h - Meeting to discuss the next meetings and other questions - Captains Dinner on board of the Salondampfer Hansa Sunday 8. Farewell-breakfast Dress: Informal at all events; Captains Dinner: maritime (if you like) Payment for the full programme Euro 210.- please look at the booking form. Rooms are reservated at Comfort-hotel, Am Schaufenster 7, 27572 Bremerhaven. Double/single room 74/63 € per night/room, incl. Breakfast, shower/WC, TV, Haidryer,telefon, minibar. Questions? Please contact: Herbert Kaiser, A.-Schweitzer-Str. 13, D-26954 Nordenham Tel: ++49/4731/1286; Fax: ++49/4731/923766 – E-Mail: kaiserhb@aol.com ------------------------ ps:the booking form is available on demand to Herbert or to the int.webmaster
09/04/2006 Pieter Carbon Clubs 41 Belgium / Club 41 International Club 41 Louvain 1 pieter.carbon@myonline.be
Object: Willy Poulet passed away
Ostend, 9 April 2006 Dear President and Members of the International Board, Dear John , I deeply regret to announce that our friend Willy Poulet, co-founder, Honorary Member and first National President of 41 Clubs Belgium passed away last Friday. Willy was as Belgium s National President co-founder of 41 International in 1975. He became an Honorary Member of 41 International and its President in 1978. Club 41 Louvain 1 , 41 Clubs Belgium and 41 International have lost one of their greatest members and founders. Our sincere thoughts and condolences are with Willy’s family and with his fellow members of Club 41 Louvain 1. Pieter Carbon National President 41 Clubs Belgium
07/04/2006 Klaus Lüftenegger CLUB 41 AUSTRIA kluefti@sbg.at
Object: AGM Austria 2006
Dear friends, let me give our thanks to all of you who had participate on the first Club41-Euroskimeeting in Austria. You have made it a great event. May I invite you to another famous event: The Austrian AGM 2006 from june 23rd to june 25th in Tamsweg. Further information on our homepage www.club41.at Best regards Klaus Lüftenegger
19/02/2006 Michael Dalbo Pedersen Club 41 Denmark Elsinore dalbo@mailme.dk
Object: Denmark AGM from March 31st. untilApril 2nd. 2006
Dear friends in Club 41. I hereby cordially invite you to attend our National AGM in the town of Elsinore a little north of Copenhagen. It will be from March 31st. until April 2nd. 2006 Please read the two pages which are attached as a pdf file. We will have part of the meeting in the Castle Kronborg which probably is known to you from Shakespeares Hamlet and from the world heritage list. The price (Euro 345 per person) includes hotel for the 2 nights and free wine or beer at the dinners and the full programme, so you only have to pay the bar bill after the meals are over. We have many foreign guests who have already registered. Please come and enjoy our friendship and have some good fun and meet friends in Ex Table Denmark and Club 41. See you soon - we really look forward to greet you welcome in Denmark. Yours in friendship Michael Dalbo Pedersen Assisting IRO for Denmark 2005-2006 THE PROGRAM IS AVAILABLE ON DEMAND TO MICHAEL OR RENATO
22/12/2005 Uwe Kerstan 41 International Vice-President kerstan-celle@t-online.de
Object: Christmas Greetings
Dear friends, in 2005 I was a lucky man because during the national and international events (AGMS, HYMs, Pre- and Past-Tours) I got incredible friendship, support and hospitality all over the world. I have to thank you all from the bottom of my heart and hope to meet you again in 2006. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all of you and your families yours in friendship Uwe Kerstan 41 International Vice-President
22/12/2005 Johan Öberg National President Old Tablers Sweden 2005/2006 SWEDEN Johan.Oberg@apcc.com
Object: Greeting from Old Tablers Sweden!
Dear Club41:ers. I d like to send you all an International Christmas- & Happy New Year Greeting from Old Tablers Sweden! We are alive up here and working hard to increase the number of members in Old Tablers Sweden. The goal is of course to re-entry as a full member of Club41 International, but we have to do things right and build a solid domestic foundation before we move towards the International scene. Have patience.... Take care of your friends, family and fellowtablers. YiOT Johan Öberg National President Old Tablers Sweden 2005/2006
21/12/2005 Michael Dalbo Pedersen Club 41 International Denmark dalbo@mailme.dk
Object: Please put my greetings on the 41 Int. webpage
December 2005. To all our friends throughout the world. Dear friends. Another year is soon coming to an end. As usual it is hard to understand where the time has gone, but looking through our calendars we know why for sure. The year has been very busy. It was with a sad feeling that I left the 41 International Board in Durban, South Africa. The three years that I had were wonderful. It is hard to describe in short terms what they gave us. We had opportunities in so many ways that we would never had experienced had we not been in Round Table and Club 41. Karin and I are very grateful to all of you who did all things possible to make us feel welcome when we arrived to attend a function or meeting. The memories will stay in our hearts for the remaning of our lives. Hosting us gave us a very special way to experience the different ways of life. We think often of all the friendships that we have made, and it is our sincere hope that we have been able to give back to you just a little bit of what we have received the past years. I was asked by the Danish National Board to accept the position as assisting IRO until April 2006. At first I was not prepared to do that thinking it is not a good idea to come back once you have been National President and IRO before. But I am pleased that I did accept. It gave me the possibility to introduce Danish Tablers on the international scene and to greet welcome two groups from New Zealand and one from France here in Denmark. Also I travelled with Karin to the German AGM in Karlsruhe. Alone I visited Norway, Austria, Romania and Cyprus. Karin and I will in 2006 attend the 41 International AGM in Dortmund as well as the HYM Meeting in Great Britain. This we look very much forward to. Also I look forward to work as the Extension and Development officer for 41 International. In Limassol, Cyprus the Board of 41 International asked me to accept this position from the spring of 2006 and then onwards for the coming three years. Thank you for putting your trust in me. I will do my best – and this I can only do – by having input from the members of 41 International – and by having inputs from all of you who happens to cross on information that can be of the utmost importance to me. I wish you and your families a Merry and peaceful Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year. In friendship and tolerance we send you our greetings from Denmark. Karin and Michael
08/12/2005 John Hudson International President jh55@mweb.co.za
Object: Xmas greetings
Dear All, Sandy and I wish you and yours a very Blessed Xmas and a wonderful New Year. May all your wishes be fulfilled and may you enjoy 41ers for many years to come. Thank you for your friendship and support during this past year and I look forward to many more years of fun and enjoyment. Best 41er regards, John Hudson International President
02/12/2005 Pieter Carbon & Luc Trigaux Club 41 International & 41 Clubs Belgium pieter.carbon@myonline.be
Object: Marcel Wardavoir meer info
I deeply regret to announce that our friend Marcel Wardavoir, Founder President of 41 Club Couvin 10, Past National president of 41 Clubs Belgium and Past International President, Honorary Member of Round Table Belgium, passed away on the 3Oth of November. Our sincere thoughts and condolences are with Marcels family and the members of 41 Club Couvin 10, who lost there Founder President and friend. 41 Clubs Belgium has lost one of its greatest Members ever. Pieter Carbon & Luc Trigaux past-président National past président EMA
17/11/2005 Simon Cusens RTI President 2005-2006
Object: Historic Charter of Arab Table by RT Israel, April 19-21 2006
Dear Presidents and IROs I have spoken with RT Israel President Oren today with whom we have finalised the dates for this historic event. This is an opportunity not to be missed as it is unlikely to be repeated and will certainly never feel the same , if ever repeated. For those wishing to attend, please arrive on Tuesday 18th April and depart on or after Saturday 22nd as the official part will be over on Friday 21st . Oren and I believe that the significance of this Event; the chartering of an Arab Table in the village of Taibe, an arab town inside Israel, by jewish Tablers deserves not to go passed un noticed. He has asked if RTI may help with PR for the event. For this reason, consider this email as a call for support from all RTI members to give recognition to something the politicians could not yet achieve. May I kindly suggest that all IROs identify and forward to RTI any email addresses that belong to Tablers in your countries who work for local, national or international News Agencies in order to send these persons a promotional flyer for the Event, soon to be put together by RT Israel. This in the hope of attracting media coverage that may benefit Round Table not only in your countries but in other countries of the world. Naturally, those of you who have contacts with world reknowned News Agencies like Sky, CNN, BBC, NBC etc are encouraged to tap these channels. Amongst the highlights of the week will be a House Party in Taibe with jewish and arab tablers partying together that will also see the historic Charter happen at the same venue with attention to be paid to both ethnic groups different respective eating or drinking customs . In subsequent days, the same Tablers will accompany us to Nazareth, Galilee and the Golan heights during which days we will witness another two Charters of jewish tables nos 7 and 10 and the RT Israel AGM which shall be attended by the newly inducted Arab Tablers for the first time in RT Israels history. Any visiting journalists may wish to consider being part of the social Programme to join in the experience. Further details like costs, registration etc to be announced when available. Certainly an event not to be missed. Yours in Round Table Simon Cusens RTI President 2005-2006
30/09/2005 Sam Sampath Club 41 International (Famex Service) samgeet@md4.vsnl.net.in
Object: 41 Family Friendship Exchange Programme
To Presidents/IROs of all Associations Dear 41er, FAMEX – 41 Family Friendship Exchange Programme (a 41clubs International Programme) I am glad to inform you the formal launch of FAMEX – Family friendship exchange programme from this year July 2005 to June 2006. The programme has been duly approved and passed by 41 clubs International for implementation. I am enclosing the details of the programme as passed along with “Registration Form”. All 41ers desirous of visiting other countries must register and will be given an ID number. The countries paired for 1st July 2005-30th June 2006 are enclosed. Please send out this information to all your members and get them registered. The registration form duly filled in must reach me by email / post / courier etc. On receipt of this information an ID number will be given and the number will be informed. As a next step let me know how many couples from your country are interested to visit the paired country, the period (with date of arrival and departure) and you will be informed on the places of stay. Likewise let me know the places of stay you prefer in your country. Please reply and I look forward to your making this programme a great success, so that we can report with pride at the 41 Int. AGM in Dortmund on 20th May 2006. Kind regards, Yours in friendship Sam Sampath 41 Intl. FAMEX- Convenor
26/09/2005 Wolfgang Roesel Past Presidents Meeting 2006 Bremerhaven KaiserHB@aol.com
Object: PPM 2006
Hallo Friends in 41 here is the first information on the Past Presidents Meeting in 2006 which will be held in Germany on the North Coast organised by our PPFriend Herbert Kaiser. He will send more details in time. Please fix these dates in your diary: 41st week 2006 05. 08.October 2006 in Bremerhaven Topics will be shipbuilding, shipping, fishing, fish canneries, coast protection, nautic polar research, cruise by transrapid ... and a lot of time for private dialogues. Herbert asks for your soon answer if you intend to come or probably not. The final invitation will follow in springtime 2006. his e-mail: KaiserHB@aol.com Please inform other national or international PPs on this event. Yours in Table Wolfgang& Wolfgang Roesel& Honorary Secretary of The Society of Ex Tablers Oeschlaender Weg 23 D 88131 Lindau (Bodensee - Lake Constance)
16/09/2005 Dominique GERARD from Club 41 of Belgium1 Belgium 1st Club 41 LUXEMBURG LUXEMBURG gerard.d@skynet.be
Hello Renato. Could you communicate in the website of the 41 International Club that first Club 41 will be created in Luxembourg. The Charter Meeting is envisaged November the 26, and 27 2005 in Luxembourg with the HILTON Hotel. New Club 41 is formed by members all resulting from the Round Table 3 international of Luxembourg. The President founder is Claude Poliart. will keep you informed of the evolution of the preparations. An Internet site is in construction, I will communicate these co-ordinates as soon as possible to you. On the Belgian site of the 41, a special page will be reserved for this event in the days to come. Friendships 41 Dominique G! ERARD ----- Original Message ----- From: gerard.d@skynet.be To: webmaster@club41int.com Cc: gerard.d@skynet.be Data: Wed, 7 Sep 2005 14:41:06 +0200 Subject: 1st 41 CLUB in Luxemburg Dominique GERARD National Editor & Webmaster 41 CLUB OF BELGIUM rue de la colline 5 Bébange B-6782 Messancy tél/fax +32 63 387115 gsm +352 021 225433 41club@dgerard.com
11/05/2005 JOHN BELLWOOD Club 41 International mail@bellwoods.com
Object: For information after Durban AGM
Gentlemen, John Hudson was duly installed as the 30th President of 41 INTERNATIONAL at the conference in Durban, South Africa on Saturday 23rd April 2005. He is fully supported by new Vice-President Uwe Kerstan from Germany, by Immediate Past President Alain de la Bretesche from France, and myself, John Bellwood from Great Britain as Secretary and Treasurer. Vice-President elect is Dieter Straka of Austria. Peter Poech of Austria continues with the International Directory, Beat Berger from Switzerland is the new Archivist, Renato Bonfini continues with the website and I know that Past President Michael Pedersen from Denmark will continue to be active in his support of John Hudson. The YAP Convenor is Ulver Oswald from Germany and the FAMEX Convenor is Sam Sampath from India. For the time being, Courier will be published in newsletter format by the Board and we want to thank very much Dieter Straka from Austria for all his hard work and attention to the Courier over the last three years. I am sure that you will all join me in wishing John Hudson a happy and successful year in office. "Respect and passion" were two qualities which he recommended in his induction speech. Those qualities are repeated in the following message which John has asked me to relay to all member Associations through their IROs and Presidents
28/04/2005 John Hudson International President Club 41 International Durban South Africa jh55@mweb.co.za
Object: Thank you
Original Message ----- From: hudson jh55@mweb.co.za To: Club 41 International webmaster@club41international.com Sent: Thursday, April 28, 2005 1:11 PM Subject: Thank you. To all Presidents and ILOs Thank you all for making our AGM in Durban the success it was. I will do my best to encourage RESPECT and PASSION during this year as I believe that respect for each other and passion for 41 International will lead to growth and strength. Let us all get out and advertise our Association that all may know us and will therefore wish to join the association. I look forward to visiting as many of you as possible and may we enjoy the 41er year together. Yours in 41, John Hudson International President.
15/04/2005 Marinos Kritikos HYM 2005 Cyprus Convenor CLUB 41 CYPRUS
Object: HYM 2005 in Cyprus = OCTOBER 2005
Dear Renato hello from Cyprus,   We hope that everything is well for you and your family.   We are enclosing an attachment with the full program of the HYM 2005 in Cyprus including the registration form.   We would appreciate it very much if you could send a copy of the program and the registration form to all the boards. Also if this information could be linked to the events page for an easier access for the 41ners.   Please take a look at the program of the premeeting and the meeting and you will see that as always the Cypriot members keep their promise in trying to do their best to make everybody happy and to have a fantastic meeting both for the members and for their spouses.      Thank you and best regards from all of us here in Cyprus.       Marinos Kritikos HYM 2005 Cyprus Convenor ============================= Please ask to the webmaster the entire PROGRAM and the BOOKING FORM webmaster@club41int.com
06/04/2005 JOHN BELLWOOD Club 41 International mail@johnbellwood.com
Object: Agenda for Durban AGM
41 INTERNATIONAL AGENDA FOR THE 29th ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING TO BE HELD IN THE EDWARD HOTEL, DURBAN, SOUTH AFRICA ON SATURDAY 23rd APRIL 2005 AT 09h15 A. Opening of the meeting and welcome B Apologies for absence C. Appointment of Scrutineers D. Correspondence and announcements E. Minutes of the HYM 2004 – approval and matters arising F. Reports: (1) President, including FAMEX (2) Vice-President, including YAP (3) Immediate Past President, including Extension and Courier (4) Secretary, including Directory, Website and Archives G. Report by the Treasurer including accounts to June 2004, accounts to date and forecast H. Appointment of Auditor I. Submissions by Associations to host the International Vice-Presidency in 2007-2008 J. Minor amendments to the Rules by the Secretary, for the purpose of clarification K. Any other business relevant to the AGM L. Date and place of the next HYM and of the next AGM 1. NEWS FROM THE ASSOCIATIONS and BANNER PRESENTATIONS 2. International Directory 3. Courier – the magazine of 41 International 4. www.club41international.com 5. The Archives 6 Young Ambassadors Exchange Programme (YAP) 7. Family Exchange Programme (FAMEX) 8. Future meetings HYM Limassol, Cyprus 8th October 2005 AGM Dortmund, Germany 20th May 2006 HYM Southend-on-Sea, GB October 2006 AGM Graz, Austria 2007 HYM Livingstone, Zambia 2007 AGM 2008 HYM Mauritius 2008 9. Any other business 10. INTRODUCTION OF THE INTERNATIONAL BOARD 2005/2006
04/04/2005 Francois Yvrard Club 41 Francais / 8th Region Sete yvrard.francois@wanadoo.fr
Object: About Famex Service
FAMILY EXCHANGE PROGRAM But : Promouvoir et developper l’amitie entre les 41 de differents pays par des visites internationales permettant de partager cultures, histoires et modes de vie. Construire des relations durables grace a l accueil en famille et le partage d interets communs (hobbies, intérêts professionnels). Promouvoir la paix internationale. Participants : Tout membre d un Club 41 reconnu par le Club 41 International accompagne de son epouse ou compagne (les enfants ne sont pas prevus sauf accord special). Programmes : Il existe trois possibilites : Tours reciproques organises par roulement entre deux pays des 19 pays membres du Club 41 International, voyages interclubs et voyages individuels. Il n y a pas de nombre minimum de participants mais un maximum de 10 personnes. Il n y a pas de minimum de duree du sejour mais un maximum de 2 semaines (voyage non compris). Le but est de partager le style de vie et la culture, en sejournant dans deux lieux espaces de 500 km au maximum (une semaine dans chacun de preference). L hebergement se fera si possible chez l’habitant. La visite reciproque doit etre effectuee dans un delai de deux ans. Cout : Sont a la charge de l Invite FAMEX : Voyage aller retour, visa, taxes, assurances et une participation forfaitaire (plus eventuellement le cout d’entree aux spectacles, lieux touristiques, musees, exceptionnellement chers ; ces exceptions sont communiquees avant le depart). Tous les autres frais tels qu hebergement, nourriture, transfert entre les deux lieux de sejour) sont à la charge de l’hote FAMEX. (En cas de visites supplementaires dans le pays d accueil, celles-ci seront a charge de l’Invite) Assurances : Ni le 41 International, ni les associations nationales ne pourront etre tenus responsables d’incidents ou d accidents. Les participants doivent prevoir leur couverture d assurance. Le 41 International souscrira une assurance qui ne couvrira que l’organisation. Membres du 41 International : Afrique du Sud, Allemagne, Autriche, Belgique, Chypre, Danemark, Finlande, France, Grande-Bretagne et Irlande, Pays Bas, Inde, Ocean Indien, Israël, Italie, Norvege, Nouvelle Zelande, Roumanie, Suisse, Zambie.
03/04/2005 Francois Yvrard President 8th Region French 41 Club Sete yvrard.francois@wanadoo.fr
Object: About YAP Service
YOUNG AMBASSADORS PROGRAM Le programme des jeunes Ambassadeurs est une action du 41 international pour des adolescents dont les parents sont membres de Clubs 41. Ce programme a pour objet de promouvoir la decouverte de cultures et de pays eloignes. Le principe est de realiser ces echanges au cout le plus bas. Chaque 41, chaque Club peut participer a l organisation de ce programme pour le rendre realisable. But Faire connaitre aux enfants differentes cultures et differents styles de vie, creer des liens avec les familles 41 d accueil et vivre une aventure - Developper l amitie et les relations a travers les continents - Construire la confiance et la comprehension internationale. Participants Enfants de membres du Club 41 des pays adherents, garcons ou filles. Le candidat Jeune Ambassadeur doit avoir entre 18 et 26 ans, maitriser l anglais ou la langue du pays d accueil et etre capable de voyager seul. Inscriptions : La periode d inscription va en general de Septembre a Janvier, elle s arrete quand le nombre de participants est atteint (12 a 15). Periodes - duree : Les sejours sont en principe de 4 semaines, en Juin, Juillet, Aout en fonction des periodes scolaires dans chaque pays. Les dates definitives sont fixees en general vers Mars-Avril, ainsi que le programme definitif. Accueil - sejours : les familles accueillent 2 enfants, si possible, pour 3 a 4 jours, tous les frais lies a la vie familiale habituelle sont a leur charge (hebergement, repas, decouverte de la ville et de la region, sorties ...). Les familles des invites ont a leur charge le voyage aller retour et un forfait defini par le pays d accueil et payable au YAP. Une aide de la Region d accueil, du National et des Clubs locaux est possible selon les manifestations organisees, les couts de transport et l l implication de chacun. Les Jeunes Ambassadeurs doivent presenter differents aspects de leurs pays, se conformer au programme et aux reglementations locales, garder un esprit ouvert et communiquer au maximum. Pays adherents (en 2005) : Afrique du Sud, Chypre, Europe (Allemagne, Autriche, Belgique, France, Danemark, Italie, Norvege), Inde, Maroc, Nouvelle Zélande. Programme : Chaque pays adherent peut proposer 1 ou 2 tours . Les 41 de chaque pays participant au programme peuvent demander pour leurs enfants un programme ou un autre. Chaque groupe sera donc constitue de jeunes venant de l ensemble des pays participants d ou un brassage international encore plus intéressant.
18/02/2005 Tom Albrigtsen PRESIDENT of ROUND TABLE INTERNATIONAL tom@albrigtsen.net
Object: Cooperation with RTI
Dear Member of 41 International, RT International are now preparing a shift of focus of international cooperation towards LC International and 41 International. Please keep an eye at www.roundtable.name (new website) to see what we do. Any registered Tabler can give you the access to the internal pages (intranet). I hope to see some of you at our main events this year and hopefully we can be a little more coordinated in the future, to facilitate more exchange and cooperation. Yours in Table, Tom Albrigtsen RTI President
11/11/2004 prova
07/10/2004 Renato Bonfini Club 41 Nerja / Malaga Almunecar 41@41clubnerja.org
Object: Charter in Iberian Cluster area
Welcome to the 41 Club Nerja Our Club is the meeting place for former Round Tablers living in Andalucía east of the city of Málaga. We have our meetings every third Thursday each month from September to May. On this homepage you find the necessary information how to find us. You can also read information about the club’s activities.                If you are a former Round Tabler we welcome you to join us or to be our guest at 28/29=10=2004
26/09/2004 Wolfgang Roesel Past Presidents Meeting 2006 Bremerhaven KaiserHB@aol.com
Object: PPM 2006
Hallo Friends in 41, here is the first information on the Past Presidents Meeting in 2006 which will be held in Germany on the North Coast, organised by our PPFriend Herbert Kaiser. He will send more details in time. Please fix these dates in your diary: 41st week 2006 05. - 08.October 2006 in Bremerhaven Topics will be shipbuilding, shipping, fishing, fish canneries, coast protection, nautic polar research, cruise by transrapid ... and a lot of time for private dialogues. Herbert asks for your soon answer if you intend to come or probably not. The final invitation will follow in springtime 2006. his e-mail: KaiserHB@aol.com Please inform other national or international PPs on this event. Yours in Table Wolfgang& Wolfgang Roesel& Honorary Secretary of The Society of Ex Tablers Oeschlaender Weg 23 D 88131 Lindau (Bodensee - Lake Constance)
26/09/2004 Wolfgang Roesel Past Presidents Meeting 2006 Bremerhaven KaiserHB@aol.com
Object: PPM 2006
Hallo Friends in 41 here is the first information on the Past Presidents Meeting in 2006 which will be held in Germany on the North Coast organised by our PPFriend Herbert Kaiser. He will send more details in time. Please fix these dates in your diary: 41st week 2006 05. 08.October 2006 in Bremerhaven Topics will be shipbuilding, shipping, fishing, fish canneries, coast protection, nautic polar research, cruise by transrapid ... and a lot of time for private dialogues. Herbert asks for your soon answer if you intend to come or probably not. The final invitation will follow in springtime 2006. his e-mail: KaiserHB@aol.com Please inform other national or international PPs on this event. Yours in Table Wolfgang& Wolfgang Roesel& Honorary Secretary of The Society of Ex Tablers Oeschlaender Weg 23 D 88131 Lindau (Bodensee - Lake Constance)
12/09/2004 JOHN BELLWOOD CLUB 41 INTERNATIONAL email@johnbellwood.com
Object: Agenda Half Yearly Meeting in Antwerp
41 INTERNATIONAL Agenda for the Half Yearly Meeting to be held at the Corinthia Hotel, Antwerp on Saturday 2nd October 2004 at 09h 15 01. Opening of the meeting by Alain de la Bretesche, President. 02. Presentation of the members of the Board. 03. Recognise and welcome Past Presidents, delegates and other attendees. 04. Welcome by the President of 41 Club Belgium. 05. Response by the President of 41 International. 06. Apologies for absence. 07. Minutes of the AGM held in Arras, France on 5th June 2004. 08. Signing of the minutes and matters arising. 09. Correspondence. 10. Report by the (a) President (b) Vice-President (c) Immediate Past President (d) Secretary (e) Treasurer 11. Accounts and budget. 12. NEWS FROM THE ASSOCIATIONS 13. The Directory 14. The Website 15. The Courier 16. The Archives 17. Young Ambassadors Exchange Programme - YAP 18. Family Exchange Programme – FAMEX 19. Nomination of Vice-President for 2005/06 and for 2006/07 20. Future meetings - AGM 23rd April 2005 Durban, South Africa HYM 2005 Limassol, Cyprus AGM 2006 Dortmund, Germany HYM 2006 Southend-on-Sea, G.B. AGM 2007 Graz, Austria HYM 2007 Livingstone, Zambia AGM 2008 HYM 2008 Mauritius 21. Offers to host the Vice-Presidency in 2007/08 22. Any other business. _________ AFTERNOON WORKSHOPS – Development and Extension, YAP, FAMEX
29/05/2004 Wolfgang Roesel OLD TABLERS GERMANY wolfroesel@aol.com
Object: Tablers Literature
Wolfgang Roesel, Past President 41 INTERNATIONAL 1993/94 and OLD TABLERS DEUTSCHLAND 1983/84 wrote and published a book, 256 pages, entitled "EX-TABLER". The author deals with some important subjects. Philosophical themes of clubs, friendship and historical aspects as well as the events in the 41 Intl.-scenery are treated in a personal and a critical view. The book is only in German language available. The price is 9.50 Euro plus postage. Friends of the author who are interested to get a copy are kindly requested to contact the author by wolfroesel@aol.com.
12/01/2004 Michael Dalbo Pedersen Club 41 International dalbo@mailme.dk
Object: Condolences: Otto Adelhofer
Dear members of 41 International. I have just returned home being away for a few days and was sad to find out that Otto Adelhofer has passed away. Otto was a personality who I spend time with last time in Austria at the AGM in St. Veit. I knew Otto was seriously ill and that he was suffering but he still showed the table spirit in my talks with him. With his death the 41 associaiton in Austria as well as 41 International has lost a good friend who has done so much for our association through the years. Michael Dalbo Pedersen President of 41 International
25/11/2000 Otto Adelhofer Past President Club 41 International Wien
Dear Renato, I feel it is time now to say a big THANK YOU for all the work you have done during the past years building up and promoting a good Communication Network for us 41ers all over the world. Your enthusiasm as well as your persistance by first building up the operationable domaine on your home-page for a few Italian Clubs, followed by extending your "data- and number crunching" in favour of your National 41 Organisation and later widening up your attempts and adding many other National 41 Organizations in your system must be regarded as an outstanding job - and I feel that in most cases you have been left alone, Renato, with all the homework you had to do over the years. Of course you have received more or less well prepared material from different 41-Clubs and many National Organizations in order to support your stand-alone job, but unfortunatly the necessary updates - as I know - did arrive at your desk or computer-desk-top not too often, in many cases even "they never came". As you know, I am an old member of 41, and some positive comments have been written down on my personal side in the history book of 41-International. But I am no executive at the board of 41-International anymore - therefore let me say unofficially and simple: I appreciate everything you have done for the sake and for the benefit of 41 International and its members. Very well done, Renato! Thank you! Yours in 41, Otto A., Vienna